Show Review: Nothing,nowhere at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA

Nothing,nowhere is back and better than ever headlining the Void Eternal tour. As soon as he hit the stage, the energy in the room was absolutely unmatched. From mosh pits to devoted fans singing along, the night was a reminder that emo is in fact not dead.

Not only does nothing,nowhere put on a great performance, his unique blend of hip-hop/rap and hardcore music makes his shows one of a kind. Released in March of 2023, Nothing,nowhere’s fifth studio album, Void Eternal, is nothing short of legendary. Featuring emo legends from the likes of Silverstein and Pete Wentz to amazing, up and coming artists including tour openers SeeYouSpaceCowboy and Static Dress,

Kicking off the night with “THIRST4VIOLENCE” and “PSYCHO_PSYCHIATRY, fans were ecstatic to hear nothing,nowhere play over half of the songs from his new discography. Longtime fans, myself included, were also serenaded by older, mellow hits including “Houdini” and “Hammer.”

The last time I saw Nothing,nowhere was in 2018 at the Chain Reaction—a venue with a max capacity of 240. Seeing him five years later in a venue with a max capacity of closer to 1000 and exploring a new take on his unique sound was an amazing full circle moment. The show was a much needed reminder that it’s ok not to be ok, and we are never as alone as we think we are.

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