Show Review: Plague Vendor at Stubb’s in Austin, TX

Words and Photos by Paxton Conners

A five day old Texan and fresh to the Austin area and the first show I get to cover is the Iconic L.A. rockers Plague Vendor. What? Exactly what I thought. Even though the escapade started off with cold sweats, it could not have been any more badass. Having a quest in unfamiliar territory usually starts with the Inevitable stomach cramps that almost definitely manifest into an explosion of nervous tics when close enough to start seeing tall buildings and spiraling infrastructure. But, as usual, I hyped it up more than it should have been.

Before I go on about the amazing performance Plague Vendor put on, I have to give shoutouts the opener Go Fever and supporting act No Parents. Both of these bands’ performances were absolute fire and should be on everyone’s radar. Go Fever is a killer indie rock band with one the most badass female vocalists I’ve ever heard, and they’re right from the heart of Austin. It would sadden me to think that someone from the area wouldn’t have a clue who they were. No Parents are L.A. grown comrades of Plague Vendor and deliver the most powerful punk riffs and screams you’ve ever heard. Do you dig Punk? Then dig these cats.

During a brief run-in with some of the Plague Vendor members before the show, they mentioned on this tour; they wanted a theme for the performances they were putting on, like a custom look of sorts. They wanted something that stuck with people, so they decided to go the way of backlights. Let me tell ya, it works. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was going to look all that cool, but that’s from a photographer’s standpoint, but from a spectator’s standpoint, I don’t think it would have worked any differently. The lighting sets the perfect mood for the whole ride they take you on during their performance. Brandon is one of the best frontmen in the game, with moves like Jagger and swagger like David Boyd. This guy never sits still and doesn’t let anyone else in the crowd either. He even pressured the balcony observers to come down by calling them out, and it worked.

Everyone in the band is a musical genius. These songs aren’t technical, they just punch. Pure, unadulterated rock n’ roll and in its rawest form. These dudes bring you right back to the roots. It’s just such a relief to know that there’s still good music being written. The tour is in support of their newest album By Night, which I encourage you to go out right now and purchase, and then catch them on this tour before it’s over. You don’t want to miss out on an experience like this. If you’re a fan of rock and good music, I promise you’re not going to regret setting time aside for Plague Vendor.

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