Show Review: Saving Vice at Jewel Nightclub in Manchester, NH

It went down on a Tuesday with a Nor’easter knocking at the door of an already cold and rainy night, but the TOUR PACKAGE provided the heat. Saving Vice, treating the show at the Jewel Nightclub in Manchester, New Hampshire as a hometown reunion show, took the energy from the first two thirds of the night and just blasted it into the atmosphere.

Right before hitting the stage to an already amped crowd, the band got together in the foggy mist side-stage, said “Eyes Up,” and disappeared into the mist, ready to bring the house down. Featuring dueling vocalists and a massive stage presence from the instrumentalists, the set raged through old favorites and a recent single, “Phantom Pain,” smack-dab right in the middle of it all.

The crowd, who had already brought the fire, continued to mosh at every chance, even having a couple of guys wrestling each other to the ground, to the chagrin of the security guards and rest of the pit. Vocalist Tyler Small even asked for a wall of death, and the ladies of the crowd did not disappoint, running things quite smoothly for Small.

Keep your eyes peeled for their next shows and tours, as you are going to want to see what they come up with next.

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