Show Review: Silent Planet, When Forever Ends, and AAerial at Come And Take It Live in Austin, TX

Around 2014, a friend introduced me to a band called Silent Planet by showing me and a couple of other mutual friends the music video for Native Blood on YouTube. While I’ve lost touch with that friend and haven’t listened as heavily to the band in the last couple of years as I used to, this band has been a pretty big part of my life over the last nearly 10 years. Silent Planet was one of the first bands that started my journey into listening to metalcore. Everything Was Sound is still one of my favorite albums, ever, front to back. The last time I saw them live was in 2017, and I traveled to San Antonio for that show. To say I was excited about this show in Austin was an understatement, and it was probably the best show I’ve seen in about a year: the lineup was stacked with bands that sounded fantastic and the energy of the crowd was incredible.

AAerial, a local Austin band, was the perfect opener to this bill, with incredibly talented musicians combined with a vocalist who effortlessly transitioned between powerful growls and clean vocals. I’m very excited to see this kind of band here in Austin and am looking forward to getting to catch them live again!

When Forever Ends, from Waco, very much had an early Silent Planet vibe and Garrett Russell even came up on stage with them for a song they collaborated on. The vocalist of When Forever Ends also shared a touching story about his experience with depression and his mental health struggles.

It’d been a few years since I’ve seen Silent Planet live, and I think that they have gotten even better over the years… and they’ve always been an incredible band! Russell is absolutely captivating in the emotion he displays performing and with his growls, the entire band together is just amazing to watch. His connection with the audience is palpable, and hearing him give backgrounds of certain songs was interesting to hear. They played a great mix of their discography spanning their time together as a band, of course including their recently released singles for their upcoming album Superbloom. I was especially excited to hear “Orphan,” one of my favorite songs of theirs, and several songs from The Night God Slept. Their bassist, Thomas Freckelton, departed the band earlier this year to focus on his growing family and while I very much missed seeing him on stage and hearing his vocals, it was really just incredible to get to see these guys live again and getting the chance to hear Russell’s clean vocals live. They were especially prominent on “Second Sun” and were so beautiful and impressive.

My favorite part of metalcore shows like this is the energy. Everyone was so happy to be there, supportive of each other and looking out for each other. The smiles and embraces between strangers in that pit made my heart so happy to see. It can be such a beautiful community, and it was very evident the influence Silent Planet had on every person there. There was a lot of love in that venue that night.

Silent Planet

When Forever Ends


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