Show Review: The Acacia Strain, Kublai Khan, and More at Crowbar in Tampa, FL

In 2010, The Acacia Strain released the album Wormwood, which charted 67th on the Billboard Top 200 at the time. Now, with the 10-year anniversary upon us, unfortunately, delayed by a year due to the pandemic, The Acacia Strain is finally able to celebrate the impact the album has had on their fans over the past decade by playing all twelve songs live.

This was probably my third or fourth time seeing The Acacia Strain—actually it was the last show I attended before lockdown in March of 2020. But this was my favorite performance by a long shot. Even those unfamiliar with Wormwood could decipher how much hearing it live resonated with the audience; especially if they noticed there was barely any empty space in the room for even a pit to form. The sold-out room was flaming with voices, not only for the headliner but also for the four acts before: Prison, Dying Wish, Orthodox, and Kublai Khan.

With how intimidating The Acacia Strain’s music can sound, I’m always pleasantly surprised at how vibrant and energetic the crowd is. Whether there are people moshing, singing, or just vibing in the back, everyone is really enjoying their time. Hearing whispers in the crowd of what song they think they remember being next on the album, chants of how much they ‘love this song,’ or just plain hollering for more, it makes you step back with a smile on your face.

The band’s newest release, Slow Decay, isn’t taking a backseat though, with each city on the route getting two shows in a row, one for each album, respectively. Not only is this a super-cool concept, but for major fans of The Acacia Strain, you’re able to revel in both pieces of work in their entirety. Overall, this tour package put on one fantastic show, and I’d highly recommend attending if you get the chance.

The Acacia Strain

Kublai Khan


Dying Wish

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