Show Review: The Haunt at Castle Theatre in Bloomington, IL

The Haunt made their way to Bloomington, IL, on October 4 for their tour with co-headliners Halocene and NoResolve. It was a slow night at the Castle Theatre, but that didn’t deter the bands from putting on one hell of a show.

The Haunt are a four-piece group from the southern Florida area. They consist of powerful yet elegant Anastasia Haunt on vocals, her brother Maxamillion Haunt on guitar, Nat Smallish on bass, and Nick Lewert on drums. With their mix of rock and electronic rhythmic tones, the quartet put on a brilliant energetic show from beginning to end. Coming off their new EP Dead On Arrival, one of their more popular songs, “Overdose,” shows the versatility of the band and singer as they go from a punk rock, fast-paced to a soft, melodic melody.

Be sure to check out their website for more information.

The Haunt

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