Show Review: The Sidekicks at Subterranean in Chicago, IL

Words + Photos By: Nicky Parry

Hidden in the hubbub of Chicago, Subterranean is provided a refuge from the city outside for concert goers last Sunday. Dimly lit, the ambience was that of an indie film, complete with a moving soundtrack to ready the fans for the impending show. The size of the crowd was worrisome at first. However, fans trickled in as the clock ticked closer to start time. 

Up first were Chicago natives and woman-fronted four piece, Pelafina. The good harmonies and mix of pop and punk kept the crowd engaged. Their sound and raucous energy made for the perfect opening for The Sidekicks. 


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Columbus, OH band The Sidekicks took the stage with an “electrifying” set. While hiccups, such as a suddenly broken snare, occurred, the band never wavered on delivering high energy and just plain, good fun. The whole crowd was moving to the indie rock sounds, whether it was just a tap of their feet or a bob of their head. The Sidekicks groove got to every single person. The harmonies were on point.The energy never died. The Sidekicks started their current tour off with a strong set. 

The Sidekicks

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The self-described “queer-indie-bittersweet-romantic-pop-music” Adult Mom closed out the show. The Purchase, NY band had great sound (not to mention, great style). With a chill, soundtrack-to-my-life vibe, Adult Mom provided the feel good moment for the night- including a cover of “There She Goes”. At some points throughout their set, it was hard not to imagine The Cranberries influence in their music. 

Adult Mom ended the show with a soft, but solid note. Each band brought their own vibes to create one simple, yet, impeccable show. It was a great way to forget what was outside the venue doors and to just enjoy good music for exactly what it is. 10/10 would recommend catching a stop of this tour.  

Adult Mom

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