Show Review: Every Time I Die, Turnstile, Angel Du$t and Vein at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA

Words & Photos by Joe Calixto

In the world of being in a rock band, It’s already an accomplishment to make it past 5 years. Hell, it’s already an accomplishment making it past 10 shows. Well that’s where Every Time I Die comes in and slaps you with a big ass reality check. Celebrating 20 years of existence, ETID gives the continental United States a taste of what 20, and still amazingly flawless, is like.

The band enlisted some of current hardcore’s biggest and brightest on this tour, which was definitely a treat to all show goers.

With a couple of weeks left on this trip, the tour hits the 2nd of their 4 California shows in the heart of Orange County. The Observatory in Santa Ana was the stage for the show and is definitely no stranger to wild crowds.

First of were Boston, Mass. very own, Vein. If you aren’t familiar with the band, then where the hell have you been this whole time?! This band has been taking over the the world with their unique blend of hardcore, metal and industrial, and with the release of their full length Errorzone this year. There is no stopping this goddamn band. In my honest opinion, the perfect band to set the mood of the night. (Fun Fact: I’ve shot Vein 4 times and each time I have been kicked in the head. fun times!) BUT YES! LISTEN TO ERROZONE!

Next up was, Angel Du$T (money).  If you’ve seen this band before you know it will be a good time. From the first note to the last ring out, the high flyers came out to play. The energy that front man Justice Tripp gives is just next level. Nothing but good vibes from this band. They’ve recently released 2 new songs that may have some people question their new sound but honestly, the tunes just keep getting better and better. Hopefully we’ll see more of Angel Du$t Money in 2019.

And the party doesn’t stop there. Shortly after, Turnstile hops on stage, and you know what that means – an entire set of mic grabs, stage dives, two steps, circle pits, all that wild shit! I’ve seen this band so many times that I’m probably gonna sound like a broken record when I talk about them. But one thing is for sure, every time Turnstile is in town, it’s never a dull show.

Finally, the celebrants take the stage. A band that literally has conquered the test of time.  With 8 full records under their belts and countless tours through the years. Tonight’s show reminds us that in the last 20 years, there has never been a shitty Every Time I Die show.

I’ve seen this band 4 times (this being my 5th time) but this was the first time I was actually seeing them in an indoor venue. And I couldn’t ask for anything more. From the energy of the band, the energy of the crowd, the lights, even the smell of spilled beer. It was so perfect! (No wonder my good friend and New Noise photo princess, Alyson loves shooting this band.)

After being 6 hours early to the venue, being drenched in some asshole’s Modelo, and driving home in the rain. I can legit say that I had the time of my life at tonight’s show. I didn’t expect anything less from this tour but absolute madness in the pit and a good time. Congratulations to Every Time I Die for having such an incredible career as a band and thank you for solidifying my love for loud and heavy music in my teens. Hopefully I’ll catch your 30 year!


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