Show Review: Unwed Sailor, zzzahara, and Modeling at Smoke and Barrel in Fayetteville, AR

In support of their new album Mute The Charm, which came out February 10 of this year on Spartan Records, Unwed Sailor would play a slew of dates through the Midwest and East Coast showcasing this album. The first date of the tour would be at Smoke & Barrel in the college town of Fayetteville, Arkansas, and opening this show would be the local Fayetteville band Modeling.

Modeling blends a mixture of synth pop rock that has an 80s feel to it but also is very cinematic that it could be heard in multiple movies. Their live show is where the music shines though, for their stage setup includes lights that go along with the music. Their show brings the music to life, and as a viewer, you are mesmerized by the sights and sounds. One can only imagine what their show would be like if it was on a bigger stage with a full production.

Next to play and making their way back to their home state of California were zzzahara. This was their second to last show of their spring tour and for this being their first time in Arkansas, the crowd was ready for their show. Their set featured songs from their latest album, Liminal Spaces, which blends shoegaze and dream pop, but there are also some punk elements to their songs. Even though this was their first time in Arkansas half the crowd knew the words to the songs and at least everyone was dancing throughout the set. I think zzzahara will make it a point to return to Arkansas on the next tour.

Since 1998, Unwed Sailor has been producing their unique instrumental music, but their latest record Mute The Charm has to be their best effort yet. Mute The Charm is more than just an album, it is an album that takes you on a journey to different cities through music. The album would fit perfectly on long road trips, especially if it is one going across the country. Songs like “Let Me Be Away” paint a picture of the Midwest while a song like “Mais Oui” could be the theme song for walking through the Sequoia National Park. How Unwed Sailor’s songs translate live is a whole other experience. If you close your eyes you can truly feel the music, but if you watch the band, especially band leader Johnathon Ford, the emotion portrayed throughout the show gives the songs a whole other meaning. Again, it would be fascinating to see Unwed Sailor on a bigger stage with a whole production behind them. The overall experience would heighten your senses of sight and sound.  Music can be just as powerful without lyrics, and Unwed Sailor have perfective that.

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