Show Review: Waxahatchee and Good Morning at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, OK

Waxahatchee stopped at the historic Cain’s Ballroom—celebrating their 100th anniversary this year—on her Tigers Blood tour, currently making its rounds across the U.S. Indie rock band Good Morning provided support for this unforgettable evening.

The Australian-based band opened up the show, playing predominately from their newly released record Good Morning Seven. The duo—Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons—play all the instruments and provide the vocals you hear on the record. For stage shows, the two enlist the help of a backing band to round out the sound of the 17-song double album.

Good Morning kicked off the show with single “Dog Years” and its more-than-welcomed shades of Alex G. Smooth and dreamy, the band effortlessly glided through their 45-minute set, making it look like a walk in the park, which more than matches the welcomed tones of their laid-back sound.

Other crowd favorites from Good Morning’s set included “Excalibur,” “Queen of Comedy,” “Diane Said,” “Out to the Pasture,” and “$10,” the latter of which closed out their (too) short and sweet set, though that wasn’t the last attendees would be seeing Blair and Parsons that evening.

Next, it was time for Waxahatchee to take the stage. Katie Crutchfield is the brainchild behind Waxahatchee, naming the project after a creek in Alabama where she grew up. Fourteen years later, she’s released six critically acclaimed records; the most recent of which, Tigers Blood, came out in April, immediately becoming a fan favorite. She and her backing band even made the trip to NYC to perform on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Guitar in hand, Crutchfield took the stage and immediately began playing “3 Sisters” as blinking fluorescent lights adorned the dais she stood on. Little did fans know they would be treated to a massive 24-song setlist, which included songs mainly from both Tigers Blood and Saint Cloud, alongside a handful of covers. Though her records are a tour-de-force of impressive musicianship, she truly shines in a live setting, feeding off the infectious energy of her fans. Cain’s Ballroom, often referred to as Tulsa’s timeless honkytonk, was the perfect venue for Waxahatchee’s country-like flair, which can especially be heard on the single “Bored,” a fan favorite from the set.

Between songs, Crutchfield told attendees that this was the first time she had ever performed in Tulsa. She went on to say that playing Cain’s Ballroom has always been a dream of hers and thanked everyone for helping that dream come true.

Another highlight from the set included the band’s spirited performance of “Tigers Blood,’ which featured Good Morning. But perhaps the most poignant moment from the whole night was Waxahatchee’s cover of Ohia’s “Farewell Transmission.” Crutchfield brought out her partner Kevin Morby to the stage, and they dedicated the performance to Steve Albini, legendary rock producer and musician, who had passed away the day before on May 7. Fans in the crowd were visibly touched.

If you haven’t had the chance to catch Waxahatchee on tour yet, never fear because the second part of her Tigers Blood tour will continue in September. Check out the tour dates here.


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