The Ghostwrite is the moniker of acoustic punker, Robby Lester. Robby Lester is an acoustic punk performer from Pittsburgh, PA. He toured North America frequently between June 2008 and October 2013, but too much boozing and hard living led to the collapse of this project. Now, he’s slowly recovering and scheming on future tour adventures. Robby plays in a sweet folk punk band called Black Bear Mute.

You can now stream The Ghostwrite’s Slarity EP in full below, which is the follow up to his album Monster Punch, released on January 23, 2013..

Upcoming Shows:
October 25 – Montreal, QC at Yer Mad
October 27 – Toronto, ON at Dbeatstro
October 28 – Flint, MI at Flint Local
October 30 – Pittsburgh, PA

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