Words & Photo by Joe Calixto


I often get asked by people, “Who are some of your favorite photographers in music?” And I would tell them the list would be so long that it would take days to make, but if we’re talking about photographers who inspire me to “do work,” that’s a list I can give you in a heartbeat.

Tonight, four people on that list put together some of their finest works and showcased them in true DIY fashion. Photographer’s Erica Lauren, Courtney Coles, Danielle Parsons and Carly Hoskins collaborated to give us “Girls To The Front.”

Each with their own unique style, the girls presented photographs of live performances, tour shenanigans, studio behind the scenes and more – including bands like Slipknot, Deftones, Thursday, AJJ, Turnstile, Hoobastank and so so so soooo many more. This is what I liked about the photo show:  It’s not just hardcore, not just punk, not just dad rock, it’s everything and everyone.

The venue was at the Allmost Studio & Gallery in Los Angeles,CA. They had a Lamill Coffee and Donut Friend bar and some absolutely delicious vegan mac n cheese by Riot Grill! Also there was a little pug in the gallery and it was the absolute cutest. Definite show stopper. All in all, a fun night of friends , family and amazing art. And a Pug.

Now on a more personal note, I am incredibly proud of these four lovely and highly talented women. Courtney, I’ve known her since forever ago, even before she left LA to go to art school. She definitely used what she learned from school to her advantage and it totally got her places. An incredible film photographer and an incredible soul. 818 for life.

Erica, although I was always intimidated by her, was the chillest person ever when I finally met her. Her work for SideOneDummy is probably some of my favorite from 2016. Also, any one who can rock a camera in one hand and a cold brew in the other is definitely punk rock.

Danielle, she may be small but the shows she shoots are no joke. There aren’t too many female photographers in hardcore and Dani is one of my favorites, and her photos of the Deftones are definitely my favorites. Hardcore is definitely not a boy’s club.

Carly, where do I start. She was one of the first people I’ve consistently shot shows with around LA. Almost every show I was at she was there. One of the friendliest people, and her great work ethic and attitude has her touring 5 million times a year. If you plan on buying her Thursday print, I will fight you for it.

We all know the inequality that women face in this day and age is still very much present. Even though it’s not often, I still witness how men treat women differently, from misogyny to catcalling to just being plain and simple dickheads, it’s still out there. This is why I look up to these four women – they never take shit from anyone and never back out on what they believe in. Them doing this gallery definitely furthers the conversation on how women kick major ass.  

For more photos, click here.

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