“The song ‘Fun’ is about the uneasy gap that lies between wanting to have a good time and knowing that you don’t actually have any fun having a ‘good time’; balancing the contradictive nature of one’s desires and one’s reality. An introvert being crowd surfed at the party of the century. A junk food junkie not understanding the appeal of hard drugs. Rain on your wedding day, a free ride when you’ve already paid.” – Giving Up

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of the Whitney Weir-directed video for “Fun” (watch it below). The track is taken from Giving Up’s upcoming album Garner Cardinals, which is scheduled to be released on February 16, 2018 through Sophomore Lounge Records. You can pre-order the album here.

It’s strange to believe that Giving Up’s latest and greatest effort Garner Cardinals is only their third official full-length since forming over a decade ago in the unfinished basement bedrooms of rural Iowa. For a band that’s toured no less than semi-actively around the calendar and self-released no fewer than too-many-to-count cassette and CD-R transmissions throughout the course of some Bush Deuce, double Obamas, and whatever the fuck is happening now… one would be misled in thinking the scarcity of their studio output would imply any lack in overall drive.

Very much un-like their earlier outings in the LP format – the charming yet head-scratchingly produced debut Gthrowing Up (2009) and better but nearly aborted follow-up [peace sign / frown face] (2012), both cursed with more coincidental oddities and studio mishaps than a tragi-comedy classic rock mockumentary – Garner Cardinals is a statement made on the band’s own desired terms. Engineered by their touring drummer Dusty Van Ness in the comfort of his Minneapolis home, the record is a best-of-both whirlwind delivering DIY bedroom grunge aesthetics with a self-puffed studio sheen. Serving not only as a natural stepping stone from the dumpster-fi fog of a Jad Fair-fronted Screeching Weasel tape boiled to perfection in a roadside hotel tub exhibited on recent tour trinkets, but also as a “coming of age” mark for Poland’s idiosyncratic song-kraft.

From the album opener “My Body” – a gate-blast of jangled energy lighting the stage for skeptically optimistic dandelion punk to follow – through the motoric schoolyard kraut-pop of “April Showers” to the memorably off-kilter closer “People’s Records,” rounding out the album in a sizzling glory of rambling narrative poetics, the band’s bar is undoubtedly raised over the course of these ten tracks. And if you ask me, we’re all better for it.

Garner Cardinals is both littered with and colored by images of Giving Up’s own little America – an unknowingly large yet strangely intimate Midwestern wasteland layered with spray-painted alters, misoriented gravestones, natural beauty, body dysmorphia, hamburger sunsets, small-town bad news, battery-operated memories, haunted mansions, shameless fantasies, forever-friendships, and an ultimate sacrifice of going deaf for what they love.

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