Interview with God Mother guitarist Max Lindström | By Joe Smith-Engelhardt

Swedish mathcore crew God Mother have taken a do-it-yourself approach to their band since beginning in 2012, but on their latest album, Vilseledd—out October 20th via Party Smasher Inc.—the band got some help from one of their major influences, The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Ben Weinman. “When the new album was finalized, we felt it was time to find a label that would be able to help us reach further,” guitarist Max Lindström says. “Party Smasher Inc. was one of the first we contacted, as we felt what they were doing resonated well with what we wanted to do and achieve as a band.”

God Mother sent off their latest record to the label, and while they liked the band’s sound, they were busy promoting other releases and finalizing The Dillinger Escape Plan’s farewell tour. The band persevered, requesting to open for The Dillinger Escape Plan’s final shows in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Following God Mother’s performances opening for the legendary mathcore group, Weinman came up to the band and said he was ready to start working with them. For Lindström, it was a dream come true to be working with a band who had such a big impact on him as a musician and performer. 

“Dillinger has played such a big role in what formed me as a musician when I grew up,” Lindström says. “Not only Ben’s guitar playing, but how you write songs and what constitutes a good live show. Having listened to their records countless times and watching live clips of their crazy antics, it feels utterly surreal to share the stage with them. To be able to do it on their final tour with sold-out shows every night and the emotional response from both the crowd and the band makes it even better.”

Vilseledd is a crushing mix of blisteringly fast grindcore and violent, sludgy hardcore, building on the strengths of their debut record, 2015’s Maktbehov. The band got help from another one of their influences on the new album, enlisting Rotten Sound vocalist Keijo Niinimaa on “Tar Mirror,” a devastating track filled with noise elements, off-kilter guitar work, and blasting drums.

“Keijo is a friend who has supported us ever since we did a show with Rotten Sound and Cult Leader a year ago,” Lindström says. “He helps us with booking some shows through his collective, Max Mana, and gives good advice on pretty much anything. It felt natural asking him to guest on a song, which he did from his home studio in Finland.”

Given that the band are from Sweden, working at Soundtrade Studios in Stockholm felt very special, since classic pop act ABBA recorded there in the past. “The studio is one of the best in Stockholm, probably the best drum room there is. Our drummer Michael [Dahlström]—who is a studio engineer—was just like a kid in a candy store that whole stay,” Lindström recalls. “ABBA means a lot to every Swede, whether you like or hate their music. We dream of releasing a split with them at some point.”

Purchase Vilselledd here.

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