For more than two decades, Good Riddance has released melodic punk-rock tunes that talk about all forms of injustice; social, political, and personal. These issues have driven the bandmates to produce classic albums like For God and Country, A Comprehensive Guide to Moderne Rebellion, and Ballads from the Revolution, and now, their upcoming record, Thoughts and Prayers; a title that has, unfortunately, become relevant from the inhuman mass shootings. The record is due for release on July 19 through Fat Wreck Chords. Preorder the album here. 

Rankin states,

Just because you can’t see the tangible change right in front of your face doesn’t mean that it’s not happening. You don’t know the positive effect you can change in the world by just sort of pushing against reality every day, pushing against the arbitrary boundaries that are set up for us by the status quo. That’s what keeps us going.

Good Riddance also released their first single, “Don’t Have Time,” off Thoughts and Prayers. Stream it below.

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