In yet another streak of greatness, New Noise Magazine found another band to enlighten their stories on surviving winter. Previously, Henrietta and Del Paxton offered their experiences in Orlando and Buffalo respectively.

Now that it is March, many around the world are feeling warm breezes coming across the air waves. At the same time, Granddad’s music is providing a unique voice for people to feel safe and secure about their sex, gender and in general their life. The band hails from Fairbanks, Alaska (living in Anchorage now) and New Noise Magazine thought it would be great to bring their music and personality to the lower 48. Also, it is a fact that Alaska is known for having some pretty bleak winters since you know, the sun sometimes just doesn’t come out for a particular amount of time. Regardless, Granddad bring creativity to their music as if they are the very heart and soul of light itself. This is a band that people need to hear, for the sake of their emo roots trickled with indie infrastructures build over the top. The lyrics represent the band’s intelligent use of literary devices and personal reflections to move the curtain of life back and tell the world “I’m right here and I’m not going anywhere.”

Purchase no one gets it right or any other music by Granddad here.

1. Buds

Friends are the number one most important thing in the world. The only way we stay sane is because we constantly have people around making sure we’re okay. It seems like Alaska has some of the warmest communities I’ve ever experienced, and maybe that warmth makes up for the cold.

2. Beer

You’re gonna be inside a lot. This is my favorite indoor activity. Also goes well with bud(s).

3. Blowing your entire PFD

We get about a thousand dollars from the state for allowing the oil companies to destroy the environment. Highly suggested to blow it all on cool shit. It’s interesting that Alaska is a very conservative state, socially and fiscally, but we have a giant socialist program that’s basically a form of universal basic income. Life literally makes no sense. Buy a TV or something.

4. House Shows

D.I.Y. or die, right? House shows are a great way to hang out with friends and support one another. It’s also important to have house shows because a lot of the time there isn’t anywhere else to play! This is another favorite indoor activity.

5. Dealing with your seasonal depression

As you can see from the list, I’m not one of those “outdoorsy” Alaskans. I imagine those people deal with their seasonal depression by “enjoying the wonder of the Alaskan wilderness” or some shit. If you have clinical depression, these months are especially hard. Community and social connections are key. Taking baths and warm showers is important. Making soup and wearing fuzzy wool socks is dope. Buying scented candles and doing a facial mask while marathoning S.V.U. is tight as well. I recently took up watercolors to find another outlet to deal with this. Stay warm, stay cozy, try to stay happy.


(written by singer Kellen Baker)

Photo by Emma Agnes Sheffer


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