Green Room Radio has launched Episode 3 with guest Roger Miret from Agnostic Front (listen below).

On this episode of Green Room Radio, Roger shares stories from countless Agnostic Front tours, such as finding refugees hiding in their van on their European tour last year (4:55), and discusses his opinions on this year’s upcoming election (7:20) and how much Williamsburg has changed since he lived in Brooklyn (19:45). He also talks about his upcoming autobiography (18:00), upcoming Agnostic Front documentary by Ian McFarland titled ‘The Godfathers of Hardcore’ (10:05), and recording with GBH at a Six Flags (41:00).

Full track listing for Episode 3 below.

Episode 3 Track Listing:
Set 1:
Agnostic Front – Hiding Inside
Urban Waste – Reject
Reagan Youth – No Class
Heart Attack – Shotgun
Set 2:
Agnostic Front – The Eliminator
GBH – Give Me Fire
Cro-Mags – Show You No Mercy
Nuclear Assault – Radiation Sickness
Set 3:
Agnostic Front – Police Violence
Manipulate – Beaten Path
Backtrack – Their Rules
Madball – Doc Marten Stomp

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