Green Room Radio Launch Episode 4 Featuring Keith Morris

Episode 4 of Green Room Radio with guest Keith Morris (Black Flag, Circle Jerks, FLAG, OFF!). Listen to the episode below.

On this episode of Green Room Radio, Keith discusses his pre-punk influences and early love of LA radio rock (2:00) on to eventually discovering bands like Buzzcocks and The Damned (7:00), renting unconventional venues to play shows in an early Black Flag (9:00), not getting caught up in the label of hardcore and playing to have a good time (20:00), facing off against a “Wall of Death” at a show in NJ (29:00), his upcoming autobiography and the original cover art by Raymond Pettibon (designer of iconic Black Flag logo) (34:00), FLAG’s summer tour (56:00), and more. The episode playlist highlights early LA hardcore from Morris’ bands to Rhino 39, Middle Class and more.

Black Flag – “I’ve Had It”
Circle Jerks – “Operation”
Rhino 39 – “Xerox”
Middle Class – “Out of Vogue”

OFF! – “Death Trip On The Party Train”
Night Birds – “Life Is Not Amusement To Me”
Eyes – “TAQN”
Violent Reaction – “No Pride”

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