Green Room Radio Launch Episode 6 Featuring Sammy Siegler (Project X, Judge)

Green Room Radio has released episode 6 featuring Sammy Siegler (Side by Side, Project X, Youth of Today and Judge). Listen to the episode below.

Sammy discusses growing up in the New York Hardcore scene in the late 80s playing drums in Side by Side, Project X, Judge and going on tour with Youth of Today and Lethal Aggression all before the age of eighteen. He also discusses his new band World Be Free, featuring members of legendary Hardcore bands such as Terror, Strife and Gorilla Biscuits, whose debut full length “The Anti Circle” was released in February on Revelation Records. Sammy chats with Tony about playing drums in a secret studio with Patti Smith, recording with Limp Bizkit, opening for KISS, bringing hardcore to the mainstream via videos on MTV, and more.

Judge – “Take Me Away”
Youth of Today – “Disengage”
World Be Free “Sammy’s Mirror”

Side By Side – “The Time Is Now”
CIV – “United Kids”
Rival Schools – “The Switch”

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