Green Room Radio Launch Episode 7 Featuring Toby Morse (H20) & Mike Judge (Judge)

This week’s episode of Green Room Radio features Toby Morse (H20) and Mike Judge (Judge). Give it a listen below.

On this episode, Toby Morse and Mike Judge about why they chose to be Straight Edge, and what they did instead of drugs and alcohol — throwing eggs, taking the “beer run” money from parties to buy new clothes, etc. They also talk about some of the worst and weirdest gigs they’ve had, including the one that broke up Judge, working in junk yards to pay for fixing the van on tour, etc. The episode features music from Minor Threat, 7 Seconds, the Misfits and more.

MINOR THREAT – “Straight Edge”
7 SECONDS – “New Wind”
GORILLA BISCUITS – “Cats and Dogs”

DEAD BOYS – “Down in Flames”
MISFITS – “Hate Breeders”
JUDGE – “Forget this Time”

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