Hans Gruber & the Die Hard’s Rosey Armstrong explains the play-by-play for their latest video, “You’re Being Watched,” premiering here with New Noise.

“Originally the concept for this video was going to involve a security guard watching all of us on a CCTV sort of device. We’d have the band playing, everyone would ‘oooh’ and ‘ahhh.’ Case closed.”

Things then took a turn for the worse. It may not sound like a party, but on this one—the bugs came to get down. Armstrong details their transformation from human musicians to crawling out from the walls.

“[I] had this crazy thought of making a video where we were all tiny cockroaches, given the content of this particular track. The song, more or less, is about a paranoid guy who becomes convinced that the cockroaches around him, and later all insects, are actually tiny surveillance drones watching him. [I] actually really wanted to use real dried cockroaches (we know, so gross hahaha) [I] cleaned out the kitchen cabinets in search of ones that had gone toe up but didn’t find enough.”

That’s probably best. Armstrong says the band jumped in and created themselves in miniature, non-human Blattodea form. Which sounds like a very scientific process.

“We decided to just do fake cockroaches, but had fun giving them glow in the dark eyes and ordering tiny instruments, as well as, making a few—the drum set is mostly homemade—using our logo button pin for the kick.”

Alright, maybe it wasn’t so scientific, but it sounds ultra-creative. Armstrong continues:

“We gathered up enough hands to puppeteer the ‘Die Hard Cockroach Circus’ and their adoring cockroach fans, hot glued to chopsticks, then set out to film our cliche white background band music video.”

Here’s some smart stuff they did pirate radio on, TV-style, to get their lo-fi vision on hi-fi 4K. Rosey Armstrong credits bass player Kurt Armstrong:

“Kurt had done extensive research for our original concept, with us as ourselves (the human band), in order to get our video onto this old Sears AM/FM TV.”

Hans Gruber & the Die Hards used RCA, VHF, DVD, and TV magic to transform to creepy-crawly voyeurs on a vintage Sears screen.

“Since it didn’t have an RCA input, he discovered we’d have to either hook up to the VHF/UHF connection, or the antennae would have to catch a broadcast. Ends up if you hook your output (for us a DVD player) up to an RF modulator, then into a set of powered rabbit ears, you can actually do a localized VHF broadcast of the video. Doing that gave the ‘Die Hard Cockroach Circus’ an extra special level of creepiness. Then, we filmed the 5-inch TV a second time in glorious 4k for our final product.”

From no-K to 4K, you can watch “You’re Being Watched” by Hans Gruber and the Die Hards on the Youtube screen below.


Joshua Maranhas is a Denver based writer and photographer born in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He specializes in 1990s hardcore, post-hardcore, and future punk rock.

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