As the release of Sea of Worry looms overhead, Have A Nice Life have released another single from the album.  Titled “Lords of Tresserhorn,” this hauntingly expansive track harkens back to the days when the primary duo of Dan Barrett and Tim Macuga were writing music in dorm rooms over ten years ago.  The song seamlessly blends their sweeping shoegaze/post-punk/experimental sound with a seasoned set of lyrics that delve deep into existential dread and unrelenting worry.  The song builds for three minutes until it hits its summit, and cascades into one of the most remarkable and cathartic songs in Have A Nice Life’s history.

Have A Nice Life formed in 2008, a time of Dan’s and Tim’s lives that reflected concerns with depression and suicidal ideation. As the following for the project has grown, and Dan and Tim have aged and faced new life challenges with family and careers, Sea of Worry reflects just that.  Dread is the primary theme that is woven throughout the album – the dread of aging, children growing up, and an increasingly uncertain future.
Now, Sea of Worry sees Have A Nice Life at the peak of their powers. Dan and Tim’s unmistakable chemistry coupled with a propulsive backing band catapults them into the stratosphere.  These 7 tracks ebb and flow with noise and melody and are so well-crafted it’s near impossible to get them out of your head.  More concise and perhaps more straightforward than their past releases, Sea of Worry is a triumphant addition to Have A Nice Life‘s ever-evolving discography.

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