Heartless Breakers Release ‘Acoustic Sessions’

Animal Style Records released the debut full-length from Salt Lake City, UT’s Heartless Breakers in the Spring of 2015. The album, entitled The Great Give Back, is out now and vinyl is available for order here. Digital available on Bandcamp.

Acoustic Sessions includes two acoustic songs found on 2015’s The Great Give Back. This acoustic release celebrates the one year anniversary of the band’s debut full-length. Acoustic Sessions is out today and can be found on Bandcamp (name your price), Spotify and iTunes.

“After one year, and many peaks and valleys later, we wanted to show you two acoustic renditions of our favorite songs from ‘The Great Give Back’. Go out, get delinquent, live simply, break hearts, get your heart broken, and create art. That’s what we’re doing, and what we’re going to continue to do.“ – vocalist Chase Griffis

Check out the band’s video for “Liquid Confidence” below.

Two years, two tours, two EPs, and two cities to call home. The story of Heartless Breakers starts with the demise of guitarist Matt Mascarenas’ former band, Daytrader. Following the breakup and living on the east coast, Mascarenas returned to Salt Lake City where he teamed up with vocalist Chase Griffis and drummer Bryan Lee to form Heartless Breakers. Upon his return the trio began working right away and penned their debut release – the Prescriptions EP. Following its release in mid 2013, the band quickly followed the EP with Lighter Doses a short half-year later. Heartless Breakers then hit the road for two tours of the west coast and Midwest. When they returned home, guitarist Sean Jurewicz joined the band, turning the trio into a four-piece.

Now, two years after the band’s inception, Heartless Breakers is ready to show the world what they’re made of with a full length titled The Great Give Back. The ten-song record is just long enough to give listeners a taste of the band’s style without being too lengthy or intimidating. The result is an easily digestible and exceptionally enjoyable listening experience. The band cites influences such as Taking Back Sunday, Thrice, and The Juliana Theory, but there are touches of Brand New to be found throughout The Great Give Back as well. Toward the end of lead single “Carbon Copy,” for example, the band drops out, leaving Griffis’ morose and melancholy vocals to stand alone. Griffis sings, “Your body is a framework missing every piece of protein – like a generator conducting no electricity,” before the band explodes into a crushing final chorus. The Great Give Back is dynamic in its emotionality and delivery, and is sure to please fans of emo and post-hardcore.

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