Atlanta alternative rock quartet Heathersett have unveiled their debut full-length, with the Georgia outfit partnering with up-and-coming 59 X Records for their self-titled offering.

Track number one, “Wick To Handle,” brings welcome shades of early Foo Fighters, understated but intrinsically potent. “Anchorage” instigates a little more of an emo expression, with Heathersett managing to retain an indelibly engaging and accessible sound, but one awash with raw emotion and grit. “Anchorage” has been doing the rounds on Kerrang Radio, a note indicative of the commercial potential of Heathersett, even at this early stage.

From the dusky indie-punk of “Jivin & Cryin”—a tongue-in-cheek tale of woe (“if you’re crying, then you’re breathing, then you’re fine”), to the soothing rock tones of “Cowboy Killer,” Heathersett appear to have devoured a cultured array of influences; sparks of The Promise Ring, Jimmy Eat World and Light Years all coming through, often within the confines of one track.

Vulnerable “Maple Key,” not for the first time on the album, marries a blend of ’90s emo, ’00s punk and alternative rock. Much like on the whipsmart “Televisions” which follows, Heathersett utilize the impressively dexterous cadences of Craigan Hogeland to tell tales of struggle, hope, desperation, and positivity.

Closer “Love Along,” the darkest track on Heathersett, indicates that maybe the distance between these feeling may not be as pronounced as they seem.

With their S/T album, nascent Heathersett have managed to dabble in nostalgia without ever sounding anything other than resoundingly original. Heathersett, despite being only seven tracks in length, offers a scintillating preview of the Atlanta outfit’s potential.

Pick up Heathersett via Bandcamp.


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