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These German metalcore veterans seem to be getting more melancholic with age—which can only be a good thing in the typically angry-for-life metalcore realm. Veto is the band’s seventh studio album and it explores an emotional depth unachievable by most metalcore bands.

Of course, the HevyDevy-heavy guitar passages and breakdowns and Marcus Bischoff’s usual throat-rending screams are present to gratify that angsty teen within (“Fallen”, “You Will Be Godless”, “Antagonized” and “Nations”). However, synthesizer-tinged, mournful introductions (“Godiva”, “Hunters Will Be Hunted” and “Beyond Redemption”) and weeping guitars (“Die Stürme Rufen Dich” and “Like Gods Among Mortals”) frequently counteract this all-out aggressiveness, echoing the wisened-up adult’s longing for the meaning of life.

There is even a little oddity in the form of a cover of Blind Guardian’s “Valhalla”, which sounds heavier, more shredtastic and—gasp!—powerful than the original.

Also a medieval-themed album, Veto uses the legend of Lady Godiva (a noblewoman who rode naked on horseback through a street in protest of her husband’s heavy taxation of his tenants) as a metaphor for opposing oppressive authority. An unconventional metalcore record through and through, this is one helluva ride that should not be missed. (Dane Prokofiev)

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