We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of The Hempsteadys’ music video for their song “Still Life With Woodpecker” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s latest album Séance! Séance!, which is available now.

The band commented on the video:

When we set out to make the music video for ‘Still Life With Woodpecker,’ our two goals were 1) to capture the ‘insta-party’ energy of our live shows, and 2) for the city of New London to be it’s own character. Thus, the decision was made to drop the whole band into various alleys and parking lots, guerilla-style, and shoot until someone complained or the cops showed up. Naturally, we assumed we’d need to get kicked out of several locations to get enough footage. Mike Rivkees, from the band Mickey Rickshaw, was super down to film it. But we never left the first location because no one ever came to complain. In fact, the owner of a neighboring building asked what we were up to…and then offered to come back later so he could handle his business! New London, you’re so fucking weird and cool…thanks for somehow defying AND exceeding our expectation yet again.

About the band:

The Hempsteadys are an 11-piece soul/reggae/punk hybrid from New London, CT. Earning the monikers “The P Funk of Street Punk” and “The Wu-Tang Clan of Ska Bands” from the raucous live shows, The Hempsteadys sophomore album, Séance! Séance! is their original take on the great American rock and roll record. It was released August 1, 2018 through Telegraph Recording Co.

The Hempsteadys meld the sounds of The Bouncing Souls and Clash-style punk with touches of modern soul and the reggae/ska beats of contemporaries such as The Aggrolites, all finished with a Bruce Springsteen drizzle.

Séance! Séance! follows their debut record, El Amor De Los Muertos, a rock(steady) opera about love, friendship, and mayhem starring B-movie monsters.

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