“‘Sight Beyond The Line’ explores the relentlessness and drudgery that accompanies parenting small children,” comments Kiki Van Newtown of HEX. “This song rails against the feminisation of socially necessary domestic labour, which is largely unpaid and undervalued, and dreams of a time when social structures that work to diminish the importance of this work finally come undone. The video poses that ultimately, feminine creative forces can also be used to dismantle, destroy, and rebuild. Filmed in Taupō just after the snow melt, the shoot was both physically and emotionally demanding, with director Amber Beaton demanding vulnerability and bruised honesty at every turn. The result is confronting and harsh, and hard for us to watch. It feels like looking in the mirror three days after giving birth with the terror of not knowing who you have become.”

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of HEX’s new music video for their song “Sight Beyond The Line” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming album The Hill Temple, which is scheduled to be released on February 17th. You can pre-order the album here.

About the band:

Chanting over thrumming bass and slanting columns of guitar, vocalists Kiki and GG Van Newtown echo: “We need sight beyond the line.”

Unapologetically evocative and devastatingly raw,  the new single “Sight Beyond the Line” plays out in grids of harnessed anger: a midnight dirge vis-à-vis the strains of parenthood on relationships that blooms nonetheless with the wilting hope that it will all get better soon. Written in the middle of the night – a typical exercise for primary songwriter Kiki Van Newtown – “Sight Beyond the Lines” and its accompanying music video both slope sharply downhill into dusk and anger as themes progress in yin-yangs of nothingness versus cautious optimism.

Founding members Kiki (who grew up with a grandmother who was a witch and taught her about tarot cards and altar building) and GG (who shares an intense kinship with the natural world) formed their band within the thriving and friendly DIY New Zealand scene. Sitting in an ambiguous artistic headspace that shows glimpses of Joy Division, modern poetry, and early 90s riot grrrl punk, HEX breathes deep on their upcoming album The Hill Temple, as though preparing to unleash something huge, fiery, and enigmatic.

Tour Dates:
February 14th // Wellington, NZ // Meow
March 2nd // Los Angeles, CA // Tribal Cafe
March 3rd // Bishop, CA // Mountain Rambler
March 6th // San Francisco, CA // Bottom of the Hill
March 8th // Portland, OR // Turn! Turn! Turn!
March 10th // Houston, TX // D&W Lounge
March 13th // Austin, TX // The Lost Well
March 15th // Austin, TX // NZ Showcase @ SXSW

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