Hot Pink Hangover have released a music video for their song “Dirty City” which can be viewed below.

Set in a twisted, sci-fi-meets-dayglo-noir, dystopian future “Dirty City” follows a Lollipop-toting candy dealer who helps desperate citizens of the future get their fix when sugar is outlawed. A case-hardened detective is determined to shake him down and put the sweet-tooth epidemic to an end once and for all.

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Hot Pink Hangover is a cupcake filled with dynamite! Their whimsical lyrics, on-stage shenanigans, and class-clown personae create a playground that would make any elementary prankster envious. Hot Pink Hangover builds a macabre landscape, then filters it through rose-colored lenses, appealing to the escapist within us all! By all means, go make a difference in the world, but when the day is done, Hot Pink Hangover will be there to pull you on their little pink wagon to Hell.

In 2017, Hot Pink Hangover enjoyed the grassroots promotion of their debut EP, “Wasted”, which explores a dystopian lifestyle bundled up in the shiniest wrapping paper you can imagine. These songs have spawned a series of music videos which depict their stories in laughable extremes. Hazard Town is set in a radioactive wasteland in which an unsuspecting scientist sporting a hazmat suit is stalked by a blood-thirsty mutant. Wasted Girl showcases a racy school teacher instructing a drone-like class in a step-by-step procedure to public inebriation.Hot Pink Hangover recently released the sequel to Wasted, Wasted in Space. An out-of-this-world upgrade, Wasted in Space takes the satirical tone of “Wasted” and makes it downright apocalyptic.

In the fall of 2018, the group will release the third and final installment in the Wasted Trilogy, Wasted in 3D. Hot Pink Hangover is bringing a power up to your ear-holes. Be sure to watch for some eye-popping music videos as well. Visit to stay posted!

Hot Pink Hangover is “Painting the Town Pink”, so be sure to take a bite of this explosive treat!


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