Hot Water Music released their lead single, “Rebellion Story,” a few months back and now follows up with their new EP, Shake Up The Shadows, which is out now via Epitaph Records. The four-piece band, guitarist/vocalists Chuck Ragan and Chris Wollard, bassist Jason Black, and drummer George Rebelo, who are all filled with passion, collaborated and recorded the EP in Gainesville, FL.

Ragan states that the theme behind Shake Up The Shadows is unity and togetherness, “I think we’re living in a really volatile and terrifying time where people are turning a blind eye to the hatred that’s happening in this world and thinking of themselves rather than the big picture. I think that sentiment is present in these new songs the way it has always kind of been there in our music.”

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Hot Water Music will go on tour soon for their 25th anniversary as a band!
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