The second single from Idiot Genes boozy, reckless record Oof Bonk premieres today. The single, entitled “WineDust” is a perfect blend of gritty garage rock with down to the roots punk. The song’s simple structure is a gnashing, bouncing song filled to the brim of infectious melodies. Idiot Genes fun loving Oof Bonk is out September 23rd via Midnight Werewolf Records.

Pete Bayko had this to share about the newest single: “3 of the 4 members of Idiot Genes work at the same warehouse. Its a pretty decent job and everyone that works there is pretty cool, that being said its pretty monotonous work and extremely boring at times. There were a couple weeks where Dana [Recker] and myself were being sent to a different warehouse where our company stores stuff. It was a dustier and grosser building than the one we normally work at and it was filled with pallets of cheap wine. It was awesome to go there though because we were doing the same boring work but we were left alone and it was a change from the everyday routine. Work can be boring but when its just you and one of your best friends its hard to find  something to complain about.”

That fun loving, best friend atmosphere trickles into “Windedust” perfectly. Idiot Genes hail from Allston, MA, with Oof Bonk being their debut release.

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08/25 – Somerville, MA @ Once Lounge w/ Musk & Aneurysm
08/27 – Boston, MA @ O’Brien’s Pub w/ Duck & Cover & Silver Screams
10/10 – Nashville, TN @ Queen Avenue w/ Waterfall Wash


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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