From Chaos To Order
(Cyber Tracks)

This melodic punk band from the Los Angeles / San Fernando area is a super group of sorts with members from Strung Out, Pulley, Ten Foot Pole, The Tank And Death By Stereo. With a pedigree like that, you know it’s not going to be a boring wimp out of an album, but a well produced, tightly played and energetic album.

Wow, what an album! These guys just grab you by the ears as soon as you put the first song on and they don’t stop banging out one awesome mix of punk and hardcore that is intensely melodic and has a way of getting stuck in your head as soon as you hear the songs. This is one of those albums that you think, “This is a damn good song” and then the next is just as good if not better as the one you just listened to and they keep that up all the way through to the end of the album. Ken Conte’s lead vocals are a touch on the snotty side, extremely melodic and you can hear the emotion that he has for these songs in his voice. Jim Blowers and Rob Ramos’ guitar playing goes from straight ahead, charging like a wild train to almost classic rock sounding solos, Chris Del Rio on bass guitar has the bubbling and bouncy playing down pat, Chris Dalley’s drumming is all-out exciting and the background vocals that they all add to the mix just adds an extra coating of magic that will get you singing along with them. I really can’t just pick out a few songs that I liked since this is a fantastic album and every song was one that I would listen to again and again. The production is smooth and clear, giving you the opportunity to hear the band’s exciting playing, but doesn’t take away from the power or energy that they put forth on this album.

This was one of the best albums that I’ve had the pleasure of listening to lately and I know that this is going into the car stereo and get turned up loud and be played a ton of times before something else will be put in it. The idea of super groups is one that kind of scares people because they think that it could never be as good as the hype, no hype kids…this is great! (Rick Ecker)

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  1. I agree. great album, you can feel the energy, lyrics that actually have a message but does not drag you down or make you angry. songs do not sound the same like it is on “replay” .. ,impressive. This review was not to long to long to lose my interest but long enough to envision the music …..refreshing.

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