Auction For The Promise Club have recently announced their debut record, Silence. Not sure about who the band is? Well, we had the opportunity to chat with the trio about their upcoming record and their newest single “Moonlight.” Their sound is powerful with big guitar riffs and hints of grunge and pop that delivers lots of emotion and rugged dynamics. This shines through in the new single, which is full of energy and drive as well as melodic segments and front-women Zoe White Chambers’ seductive yet feisty vocals.

The band are formed of Zoe, her brother Toby White Chambers and Perran Tremewan and hail from St.Agnes, Cornwall. For “Moonlight” and Silence, they teamed up with producer Paul Reeve (Muse, Beta Band, Supergrass) for the album, which they recorded at Airfield Studios on the North Cornish coast to capture the atmospheric vibe from the remote location. Silence really showcases the musicality and songwriting capabilities of the band through a collection of 12 strong tracks and will be released in June this year.

For “Moonlight,” and in particular what has become a part of your style, how does having the very gritty sound go when creating music? Is it something that is detailed right away, or does Auction For The Promise Club play it by ear?  

Totally by ear!  We are stoked with the new recordings because we feel they capture the essence of the band.  Things can vary quite a lot musically from more atmospheric stuff to more straight ahead kicks in the gooch.  I guess that’s something we all like about the band, not the music particularly … more the kicks in the gooch. 

Can you give an insight into the song’s meaning?

A good night out :-) when someone meets someone, in the moment, under the cover of night.  

How exciting is it to be on the verge of releasing your first full length? What are your thoughts right now, sitting on the very eclipse of it (being released in June)?  

We are mega excited to have an Album coming out!  We have met soooo many amazing people along the way and it’s been a real team effort from people that support us, loads of hard work, bloody sweat and tears!  What an experience it has been!   

Any special plans for the night of the record release?  

Nudity, hopefully

What would you yourselves auction off in your lives, for any cause?  

Could probably get talked into auctioning off quite a lot, for any cause, after a couple of rums! 

I have been told there are some pretty hilarious stories between the three of you; including weird party stories and herding goats, mind diving into more of that?  

Zoe once came out of the super market and jumped into her car…

‘hmm’ she thought, ‘I don’t remember putting the driver’s seat this super far back?’… she pulled the seat right forward (because Zo is only 5’2″).  She looked to the passenger side of the car… ‘this is strange’ she thought… ‘things don’t look right, have I been robbed?’.   After the ignition key wouldn’t fit, Zoe slowly realised she had gotten into the wrong car.   She quickly hopped out of the car and disappeared, forgetting to put the seat right back.  So the poor tall bastard that owns the car would have been like ‘WHAT THE HELL! I can’t fit in my car!…have I been robbed by a tiny person?’    

Perran, a profuse socialite.  At a house party once, Perran feeling a little inebriated, ran around in nothing but his socks, pants and a flat cap, lobbed a toaster out of the upstairs window and was searching for a wood plane, saying ‘I’m guna rough my new guitar up a bit’.  

Toby used to herd goats, but was shit at it.  He sold the goats. 

 For a band with a lot packed into their sound at once (in terms of mixing space), how do you take on playing in a live setting, with even more space for the music to reside in?  

People seem stoked at gigs, usually!   It’s quite rocky and upbeat, hopefully the enjoyment comes across.  We love playing through nice big sound systems that give the space and power for the engineers to work their magic 

Nice to speak to you guys! x AFTPC

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