San Francisco-based Carpool Tunnel came to be thanks to the same technology that has been powering late night booty calls for most of the past decade.

“[How we met] is always a fun one to answer – Tinder,” says drummer Daniel Stauffer. “We met on an app called Vampr. It’s basically Tinder for musicians. We put ourselves out on the internet and swiped right at first sight.”

That was almost four years ago. In the interim, the band’s been playing a ton of shows and writing music, eventually pulling together enough for a record.  Their debut full-length album Bloom, comes out February 26 via Pure Noise Records.

“Some of these songs we have been playing for years, and others we wrote literally the week before we recorded the album,” says Stauffer. “We all moved in together in 2018, and this is when we really dove into the completion and heart of Bloom. Through our coming of age and the beautiful scenery of San Francisco, we created ‘Better Now,’ ‘Flora,’ ‘Closer,’ in that house.” 

The sound of Bloom is appropriately eclectic, given the band’s influences, a mix of psychedelic pop, accentuated with fuzzed out guitars and some strong, hummable melodies.

We definitely all come from similar, yet different musical backgrounds,” Stauffer says. “Some not-so-obvious influences are Durand Jones and The Indications, Tame Impala, Daniel Caesar, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Mac Miller, OG Sleeping with Sirens, BB King, Pink Floyd, and The Eagles.”

California was one of the first states to go into lockdown to help stave off the spread of COVID and the band spent the first three months of the shut down all quarantined together.

“We were able to transform our uncertainty, stress, and emotion into reflective songs,” says Stauffer. “And we are so grateful we were able to do that. Luckily surrounded by nature in Santa Cruz, we were able to escape the outside world, and create a new one full of love, relief, and belief that just like everything else, this too shall pass.” 

Cut off from touring last year, and with an album recorded, the band – like many – discovered the potential and the limitations of online shows, including several shows they performed in the Minecraft world.

“There’s really no replacing the energy and feel of being in the moment, surrounded by a loving crowd in the presence of live music,” Stauffer says. “We are a live band. We come together to create energy, joy, freedom, and expression to share with our amazing friends and family who come out and dance at our shows. That’s what we value the most as a band.”

They also spent time away from the tour van writing more, filming music videos, planning, and solidifying their team with Pure Noise Records.

“It took us around three years creating, performing, perfecting, and curating what we have soon to be our debut album. And we cannot wait to share this with the world.” 

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