Interview: Dark Divine are Right Where They Belong

The confines of Florida have seen some absolutely epic bands make names for themselves, but it’s time to look to the future. There is a quickly rising band that is making all the right moves in all the right places. Only four songs currently under their belt in under a year, Dark Divine, is playing all the right cards.

“The overall acceptance of this project and everybody’s response has been beyond what we thought it was going to be, and it’s just great,” beams drummer Tristan Blaize. “We’re definitely stoked and thankful for it, but we’ve had a lot of work. It’s awesome to see that as much as we were stoked on these songs, everybody else seems to be enjoying them just as much.”


The newest single release, Circles, was a little more outside of their comfort zone, especially vocally for vocalist Anthony Martinez, featuring some new types of screams they haven’t done in the past. The group tapped Andy Karpovac to help with the tracking and have been utilizing Eric DeCarlo for videography. Martinez comes from more of a local, smaller band scene, so to be in the presence of the talent and the careers that have launched and continued where they were working was surreal. It’s all coming into place perfectly.

“When you’re confident in a project, it’s dope,” explains Martinez. “Then, when you see other people also having confidence in that product project, it reinforces [that confidence]. I know we’re striving for big things and I know we want to try to achieve it so to get some sort of return so early on in the game is [great.]”



Although there have been only four released songs, the fans and skeptics are already starting to latch onto the new and expansive sound of Dark Divine. With a few notches on the belt already, the band look towards releasing an EP and their upcoming tours; Martinez is also in the running for Chris Motionless from Motionless in White’s TikTok vocal challenge. It has barely been a year, I wonder what the next one will hold. 

“This band started [and has] taken off and we all really mesh well together and work well together,” shares Blaize. “Everybody had the same goals in mind and work ethic and everything. So it was a natural progression.”


Photo by Raine Media

Anthony Martinez – Vocals
Jason Thomas – Guitars
Robert Lynch – Guitars
Triston Blaize – Drums
Jarret Robinson – Bass

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