Hatebreed are excited to finally get another album out the door. As is now a familiar story in the metal world, the record was initially supposed to come out in May.

Now, Hatebreed’s most recent record, Weight of the False Self, is out through Nuclear Blast. And during the downtime before the record came out, the band have spent their time coming out with a beer in collaboration with Witchdoctor Brewing Company in Connecticut. They’re currently in the process of getting the “Live For This Lager” out to thirsty fans.

“It’s still in the infant stages, but we are working on how to get the beer shipped out to people now,” says drummer Matt Byrne. “We’ve had a great response so far, and it’s been keeping us busy. There are a lot of loopholes to jump through to have it shipped, but soon we’re hoping fans will be able to order it directly.”

In addition to the beer, they’re enjoying fan reactions to Weight of the False Self which, in case you were wondering, is as heavy as anything the band has done. While they are quick to assure us that they are always going to make heavy music, they also agree that there’s something special for each album.

“We’re a heavy metal band, a hardcore punk band, so we’re not going to go acoustic or anything like that. We’re not gonna start rapping or doing ballads,” he says. “We do keep elements of all the previous albums as part of what we do, that’s part of our identity. But we try and keep it fresh. We try some new things every album, bringing in some kind of new elements or tidbits.”

“Every album is different for us,” says Byrne. “The process is different, recording, writing all that stuff, it’s always a little different from the last. With this one, we didn’t really get into a room and jam out ideas. The ideas already existed, and were full songs in some cases. We were really just emailing ideas back and forth, with everyone putting their own stamp on it as we got into the studio and working toward the finished product. For my part, I was just coming into the room and recording my drum tracks, and was in the studio by myself. It’s kind of crazy because you don’t necessarily have to be in the same room as each other, but the creativity can still be flowing.”

Hear the latest Hatebreed record now via Nuclear Blast, and look for the beer in a brewery or store near you in New England, or on their website.

Image courtesy of Hatebreed


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