Interview: Intervention Riding High Leading Up to New “The World is Screaming” LP

We know you have a choice in the music you listen to today, but if we may turn your attention to a little corner of the United States called Florida, a hotbed not just for the sun but the next big wave of music. Intervention was born in the midst of the early 2010s pop punk lullabies from The Story So Far, Title Fight, and Balance and Composure. With such powerhouse influences and young indulgences paid-off gravitating towards the project, Drew Portalatin, the mastermind behind Intervention, produced, tracked and mixed their newest record at Space Camp in Pine Studios in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida.

“He [Nick Sadler – lifelong friend] was really into music production and he invited me over to his house and ever since I saw him load up this amp simulator called Pod Farm on his computer, that was it for me. I just thought it was the coolest thing in the world that you can make music right on your computer, and I made him teach me everything he knew. I started learning and we started writing together, and ever since then, making music has always been a passion of mine.”

“The Word is Screaming,” is a collection of 10 songs that are going to brandish the new era of Intervention, although the new era has been building itself in a strong foundation for the last number of years. Along with views of prime pop punk revival and alt-indie subtleties, this album is primed to keep you on your toes amidst the effects of inward reflection. Portalatin explains what it took to really open up and what perspective has done for them over time.

“A lot of the songs were written during a fresh emotional experience, and a less mature state of mind, and all of those experiences shaped my individuality and how I handle emotions as a whole. Like, “when’s this world going to end” was written while I was processing the loss of my grandfather and previously to that I have never had to deal with a death in my life. I was 23 and way more of a “kid” than I am now so I felt those feelings so much stronger. I probably handled it way worse back then than I would have now, but that song is a type of diary straight back to what I was feeling.”

Since the pandemic has upturned the normalcy we all used to love and since releasing this new music, the group hasn’t been able to hit the stage yet, but they are biding their time, waiting to pounce at the right moment. Portalatin has been sending friends, fans and family demos over the years and every one of those lucky souls is witnessing a big step in the right direction.

“Listening to it back now at 26 years old takes me right back to a point in my life timeline, and I remember exactly what I was experiencing/writing about,” brings up Portalatin. “A lot of the themes tend to be directed toward figuring out who I was as a person, how to accept and handle love/loss, and feeling like people sometimes don’t like you during that process. Kind of almost like a snapshot of my early 20’s which were kind of the most confusing times.”


“The World is Screaming” is out Friday Aug. 12

Intervention is:

Drew Portalatin

Loren Smith – Bass

Justin Ramirez – Lead Guitar

James Sanford – Drums


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