The California-based metalcore outfit, Kingdom Of Giants, are finally back with a brand new album and a new sound. The band released their third full-length album, All The Hell You’ve Got To Spare (ATHYGTS), last month and we had the opportunity to ask them a few questions about the change in their sound, as well as some of the influences behind their latest effort.

Long time fans of the band will be familiar with the evolution of their sound over the course of their career. Part of the shift has to do with the departure of their clean vocalist in 2012. When asked about the band’s evolution, vocalist Dana Willax attributed their changing sound to some other factors as well. “All of our musical tastes have changed dramatically throughout the years and that directly influences the evolution of our sound,” he continues, “I believe that it takes time and effort to find your sound and that’s something that we have been slowly doing from album to album. Being inspired by your favorite artists is a huge help in doing so. Sometimes all it takes is one band to put out a fire album to get [us] pumped on the writing process again.”

While the band hasn’t written a concept album, Willax has made a concerted effort to have cohesive themes in the music that he writes. As many musicians do, he writes songs that reflect events in his life and his state of mind. That was the case on their last album, Ground Culture, and that is the case on this album as well. Willax provides some insight into the themes behind ATHYGTS. “I tend to write lyrics about situations I have lived through or I’m currently dealing with.” He adds, “I wrote about the day my father passed away, being told that music wouldn’t get me anywhere in life, what it’s like to be judged off your appearance in society, what is like being in a band and feeling like you always need to reach new heights and being blinded by your own goals that you don’t see that you are hurting others around you. The shit gets deep, dark, and honest.”

When asked about the inspiration behind the powerful music video for their single “Damaged Goods” Willax revealed the meaning behind the song and the intention behind the video. “In a nutshell, “Damaged Goods” is about the day that my brothers and I learned that our father had passed away. It’s about how different personalities handle death differently and I don’t believe there is any right or wrong way to deal with it. The video turned out great for what it was. There was actually supposed to be some cool b-roll footage that told a story but unfortunately that didn’t end up happening. We actually each had to stand in about 3-4inches of water during our takes so it made for a pretty long, wet night.”

Many musicians are inspired by other musicians or albums. Most music fans can relate to having a wide variety of musical tastes that aren’t just limited to one specific genre. The guys in Kingdom of Giants are no different. Some of the albums they are currently jamming are DAMN. by Kendrick Lamar, Sept. 5th by DVSN and Mesmer by Northlane. They are also stoked on the upcoming albums by Hundredth, DVSN, Wage War and Dayseeker.

The band’s last album, Ground Culture, was released three years ago. What have they been up to since then? Willax reveals they have been keeping themselves busy, and mentions that a new album is already in the works. “We have been been touring, touring, touring, writing, writing, writing, recording like mad men, and planning this new release [ATHYGTS]. It’s crazy how fast you move on to the next album. For example……we’ve already started writing the next one!”

Kingdom Of Giants have done quite a bit of growing since their inception. The mature sound they have developed over the years is something that the band is very proud of, and they hope their fans feel the same way.

“I’d just like to say thank you so much to anyone who supports or has ever supported KOG. From fans, to agents, to managers, promoters, label owners, anyone who has ever made it possible for us to continue to make music and do what we love, and anyone who has ever believed in us or gave us a chance, thank you so much.”

Purchase All The Hell You’ve Got To Spare here.


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