Rad Horror are just getting started with 2018. Their newest single, “Stay Out,” is a visceral track that has gut punching dynamics that keep quiet on the verses but gradually gain urgency as the chorus finalizes. The vocal delivery packs emotion into the three minute track. The single follows 2017’s “Dark Times,” with the band on the verge of putting out even more music soon. New Noise Magazine caught up with Rad Horror for a quick interview to gauge their timeline and discuss more about “Stay Out.”

What can you tell us about 2018 that we should expect from you?

2018 will be an exciting year. Much music will be brought to the light, touring will start again. There are a lot of fun things happening, we’ll see what asses we can make of ourselves this year.

When is the full Rad Horror LP going to knock us on our ass?

A full LP is will probably be heard toward the end of this year beginning of next but you’ll hear a really long EP and singles way before. The music will continuously come, because without we aren’t really anything at all, are we?

“Stay Out” keeps a relatively straight forward progression, but the dynamics are extremely exciting. How did writing the song come together?

We started off with the opening progression which stays pretty consistent throughout and keeps the common theme of the feel. As far as coming together it was a pretty simple process of just figuring out how to make everything work together cohesively while keeping the dynamics pretty wide open. Which is common in most of our music. Loud to soft, soft to loud etc.

I like the urgency of the lyrics, mind going into the meaning?

Thank you, I appreciate it. It’s about running away from yourself and someone else at the same time. Staying out of your brain, if you will. It’s naked poetry, take it for whatever you feel you can relate it to. That’s what I do when I sing it.

What’s your all time favorite horror movie, or series of movies? (Mine is Hellraiser or The Thing [1982])?

The Scream franchise. Wes Craven. Reimagining slashers in the 90s and bringing them to a modern audience was brilliant. It helped defined teen culture during that time.



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