Interview with Metalix host B-Lo | By Sean Gonzalez

Metalix is a Denver radio show on idobi Howl. The show is hosted by Brad Lopez, known under the moniker as B-Lo. The show began in Denver’s radio scene before gaining national recognition. Now, B-Lo tackles the community of metal by not only hosting huge names on the show, but letting local bands receive attention that are based in the Mile High Metal scene. Metalix is on every Monday night at 9 p.m. EST.

“With this influx of people coming in from out of state, we are diversifying the sound in Denver. More people, more bands and therefore more bands trying to distinguish themselves from one another,” B-Lo comments about the local scene. This has naturally lead to more bands in smaller genres, or mixing genres together together. This is a good look at how a majority of the metal genre is around the world. Labels are being appropriated to bands trying to blend more together. “There’s a lot of doom metal now,” B-Lo states.

With such a great diversity riding through the community, B-Lo has a goal of bringing the smaller, less well known bands to the forefront. B-Lo states that in five years, he hopes “the individual genres and smaller venue shows have a higher chance at attracting more fans.” That is what Metalix as a show will work towards, and what B-Lo as a host hopes to bring out in the show. With that, B-Lo works their music into slots that fit for the radio, commenting, “Basically the philosophy is local bands get more exposure when they are played around music that is similar.” This attention helps promote the local bands, shows and bring in more of a community to that particular audience.

B-Lo’s start into enjoying metal music began when he noticed he was a fan of fast aggressive music. His early high school interests extended from Korn, White Zombie and the industrial metal movement. Eventually this shifted into the underground punk scene. For Punk, B-Lo started listening to a (now extinct) radio show. “This punk show was called ‘No Punk Intended.’ It was once a week, overnight and for about two hours,” B-Lo reflects. As B-Lo went to school and began talking to friends, he found out about word of mouth’s power. “I started working down the liner notes of the last CD I bought, and that pretty much last me throughout the rest of high school.”

As for current metal, B-Lo pokes a bit of fun at some metal heads around right now. “When I ask bands about their favorite records this year, they sometimes go ‘oh, well I haven’t heard anything this year.’” It’s a funny anecdote about the pride that resides in the genre, but B-Lo looks past that, continuing to help promote the current metal scene while understanding its depths. At the end of the day, a fellow music connoisseur can sit back, appreciate music for what it is and discuss acts making big strides such as Gorguts, Toothgrinder and Baroness.

That’s the beauty of people in the music industry, they all have these upbringing stories that reveal a distinctive personality to the community. For B-Lo, he interviews bands about their favorite records, what their goals are and various other questions. It’s a relief to witness the conversation extend to otherwise ordinary people in love with music. Take a listen to idobi Howl and get your fix on metal with B-Lo and Metalix every monday night.

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