Patrick McEachnie, drummer of Chain Whip and drummer/vocalist of Corner Boys, ventures into solo-album territory with Glad to Be Forgotten, where he plays guitar, bass, synths, drums, and sings. A frantic and urgent fast-paced 10-song punk record—set to be released December 15 on Drunken Sailor Records—it’s a triumphant solo debut.   

About that cool, overarching, urgent feel, Vancouver, BC-based McEachnie says, “My favorite music to listen to has that sense of urgency, that haste to it. I think I’m a patient person, but when it comes to music, I need some sort of urgency. If I try and write something a little more relaxing or slow, by the end, it ends up sounding urgent and hasty.”  

McEachnie has been a drummer since the age of 12, but also is an experienced vocalist. He has lent his vocals to records before—still, this solo project was totally new and different. He bought his first guitar just before the COVID lockdowns last year and also started dabbling in recording.  

His goal at first was to “learn the entire first Ramones record and do home demos.” 

“I had bought a home recorder and wanted to learn how to use the recorder, so I kinda learned how to play guitar to teach myself how to use the recorder,” he explains. “It went hand-in-hand. Before you know it, you’ve got a handful of songs.”  

And even though he has been in bands before, putting out these songs with just himself playing everything was nerve-wracking.  

“As a drummer, it’s easy to hide behind other people. Physically, I’m behind other people in my band.” He confesses, “When I posted Pack Rat for the first time on social media, I was actually shaking ’cause I was like, ‘I did everything; I did all of this.’ I had no idea how it was going to land. Luckily, it seems to be going okay. People are excited for the record, and that makes me really stoked.”  

McEachnie doesn’t know what the future holds for Pack Rat at this point, but he is still working on new material.  

“I have a handful ready for the next record,” he says. “I’m not sure what’s going to happen yet. It might be an LP; it might be a seven-inch; it might become a different record.”  

Interestingly, he says, “I never wanted it to be a super exclusively solo project. I wanna play guitar with other people. The thing is, nobody wants to be in a band with somebody who’s just started to play guitar, so I feel like I had to do this first to prove I could do it—to open the door to collaborate with other people. So, I would love to collaborate more with other people, but whenever I’m here alone by myself with down time, I’m gonna do more of this.” 

Watch the video for “Two Sides of Your Heart” here:

For more from Pack Rat, find him on Bandcamp and Instagram.

Photo courtesy of Pack Rat and Ripley Freedom


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