France’s Pærish have released Fixed It All today on SideOneDummy Records. It’s been two years since they went to Philadelphia to work with Will Yip at Studio 4 on the album. When they entered the studio, they knew they didn’t have a label, but it turns out there’d be a few more obstacles in their way due to COVID.  

Drummer Julien Louvion sets a timeline for their new record.  

“The album [came out] on April 23, so literally two years later,” he says, laughing. “At first, we wanted it to be out in January or February of 2020, we feel lucky it wasn’t!”  

2020 in France was as complicated as in the U.S., and the story of Pærish is similar to all bands. 

“We’ve constantly switching from complete lockdown to curfew for months now,” Louvion elaborates. “We can’t really rehearse because most of the studios are closed. We all have jobs besides the band, at least we got something to do. But yeah—very weird times. We really hope things are going to move forward this year. At least we managed to shoot two music videos for the first singles of our upcoming album.” 

“2020 was tough, but I wrote many demos at home — so that’s cool,” adds guitarist and vocalist Mathias Court. “We’re also planning on recording and filming live sessions of the new songs. Hopefully, we will make it happen, despite all the restrictions.” 

Court writes personal music, but he hopes people relate and connect the songs in their own way.  

“It is very, very personal,” he says. “I always loved making up my own stories while listening to my favorite bands. So, I definitely try and stay vague enough for everyone to make up their own stories. At the end of the day, each person [has their own] relationship with these songs, and I think that’s very cool.”  

Any resemblance to shoegaze isn’t how Pærish see themselves. Nonetheless, they haven’t completely given up on genre either. 

“We like to say that we’re an alternative rock band,” Louvion says. “We try to mix our actual influences with older ones from the ’90s or 2000s. A lot of people say that we are a shoegaze band, but that really isn’t us, even if we understand [the categorization] for some songs. I don’t think genres are dead, but they’re in constant evolution. More and more bands are mixing influences, which sometimes are very different. I’ve always found this interesting, but never really experienced it [myself].”  

Pærish Fixed It All

A lot of Court’s inspiration starts first thing each day, and he draws from other media. 

“Mostly [I wake] up early in the morning to find inspiration, or play guitar while watching movies or video game livestreams,” he says. “I try to gather little stories or bits of my life I found peculiar or worth noticing. ‘Mike + Susan’ is the perfect example [of] that. There are about four or five different stories and anecdotes I’m telling at the same time.” 

They each have a couple of favorite tracks on the new album, the two bandmates break down the reasons they hold these tracks close to their hearts. 

“I would say ‘Fixed It All’ is the song I’ve been wanting to write for years and it turned out perfectly,” Court elaborates. “I wrote it one month before leaving France to do the album with Will Yip in Philadelphia and I was so happy I had this last song to show everyone. Also, I’m very proud of our work on ‘Albert Suffers’ as it shows a new and different face of the band.”  

“I’d say ‘Albert Suffers’ or ‘Water Doctor,’” Louvion explains. “‘Albert Suffers’ because it has this fun and special structure [which is a change] from what we used to do. And ‘Water Doctor’ because it has this very direct energy, and the chorus kicks ass!” 

Despite the delay in release, the stars are aligning in 2021. They’re doing their first record for SideOneDummy and they’re hopeful for the future.  

“Looking for a label took some time after we got the album mixed,” Court says. “These things can take a while when you’re an unsigned band, we’ve [known] that since the first album. We’re very happy now to be part of the SideOneDummy family, especially as a French rock band.” 

Court concludes by saying he’s hopeful for the same things as any music fan or musician. It’s truly a universal desire.  

“Being free to go out and do whatever I want at any time, experience new things, as much as I can,” he says. “I truly don’t think you can be inspired by staying home all the time, and I’m curious to see if this whole pandemic year will have a positive or negative impact on creativity and on upcoming music releases.” 

Listen to Fixed It All below. Add the album to your favorite streaming services and pick up merch bundles here.

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Images courtesy of Pærish. Featured image credit: Nabila Mahdjoubi.


Joshua Maranhas is a Denver based writer and photographer born in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He specializes in 1990s hardcore, post-hardcore, and future punk rock.

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