Longstanding hardcore punks DFL are back with a new EP, YRUDFL, in August via SBAM and Say-10 Records, so what better time for them to answer a few questions. We got Russia’s longest-running punk band, Tarakany!, to dish out the Qs!


Hi guys! First of all we just want to say thank you for doing this interview with us. It means a lot and we’re really honored to be a part of it. How are you? How are you getting through the pandemic?
I’m well. Stoked to chat with you guys!

The pandemic, damn. You know, I followed the science and tried to stay safe. I did a lot of stuff on Zoom, I guess like everybody else. At least here in the US it looks like we’re coming out of it – venues are opening back up and bands playing shows. Hopefully, people get vaccinated so we can really put this thing behind us.

Through the days you had a bunch of great musicians joining the band. What is the DFL line up now?
The current line-up is Crazy Tom on vocals, Adam Gardner on drums, Edgar Jaramillo on bass and me on guitar and vocals. Good bunch of guys and great musicians, honored to play with them.

As far as we know, back in the days you had tight connections to hip-hop scene, from then hip-hop music itself changed a lot as well as the scene. What are your thoughts on hip-hop nowadays?

I have to admit hip hop for me is all about the 90s, I’m not saying it’s bad now or anything. I just don’t really follow it. Some of my fave hip hop albums from that time are Cyrpress Hill “Black Sunday”, A Tribe Called Quest “The Low End Theory” and Beastie Boys “Ill Communication.”

And what is happening with punk / hardcore scene at the moment from your point of view?
It’s seems better than ever! I mean you got bands from all eras of punk playing these days. I’m stoked to see the Circle Jerks are back together and the 40th anniversary reissue of Group Sex is great. And then you got new bands like Get Dead that are killing it.

How did you get on SBAM / Say-10 Records? How do you feel about working with them in completely different circumstances comparing to what it was like when you put out Proud to Be and My Crazy Life? Has the industry changed a lot since then?
I’ve been a fan of SBAM for some time now and when the opportunity came up to work with them I was beyond stoked! Short answer of how we hooked up is we did a charity compilation with SBAM and Funk Turry Funk last year, and one thing led to another and here we are.

For sure things have changed since we were on Grand Royal and Epitaph, I mean everything is online – social media, Spotify, so much stuff out there, it’s nuts. But in a lot of ways it’s still the same. You want a record label that supports the band and believes in your music, and that’s what we’ve got with SBAM and Say-10.

Do you happen to know anything about Russia, its culture and its music especially?
I know some stuff from school and watching TV, but I’ll be honest I don’t know much. That said, I’m stoked to meet you guys and check out what you’re up to! I’ll just throw it out there; I’d love to play Moscow! Just say’n.

You’ve recently put out a single, does it mean we can wait for LP?
We do have an EP, YRUDFL, coming out this August on SBAM and Say-10. It was produced by Greg Hetson (Circle Jerks and Bad Religion). It’s 100% old school DFL. You can check out a single from the EP here:

In your interview to VICE in 2015 you mentioned that you still have the amp and guitar you used on your first records. Do you still have them? Were they being used when recording new songs?
Yep, I used the same amp and guitar for the YRUDFL EP that I used for the Grand Royal and Epitaph recordings. The Mesa Boogie is Mark II B Combo tube amp from the early 80s. It’s small, but loud as fuck! The LSJ has a P-90 pick-up that has that old school hardcore tone and it feeds back like crazy with the Mesa. I think it’s from the early 60s or something. They are pretty old instruments, but I wouldn’t change anything. It’s the perfect sound for DFL.

We know you guys have never been to Europe. What are your expectations? Is there a place/city/festival you’re especially longing for?
We’re putting together a tour for summer 2022. We’re gonna play a few really cool fests in August and some club dates too – more info coming soon. Looking forward it, gonna be a blast!

Thanks for talking to us, it was a pleasure. We can’t wait to listen to your new songs and see you in Europe.
Thanks, guys! It was great talking with you, too!

Check out a couple of tracks from DFL and Tarakany! below.

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