SaviorSkin, formed from the remains of the infamous Iconoclast, just dropped a dark, heavy new single, “Indoctrinate,” via Horror Pain Gore Death. We talked with Somnus of SaviorSkin about the new single and the power behind it.

How do each of you bring your vast musical histories and
experiences to this new project?
Somnus: As far as new death metal bands go, I think it’s pointless to clutter the scene with more regurgitated styles, like, say, another Swedish-influenced act or another Incantation or Massacre clone. I’m old enough to have seen black metal evolve from being an obscure, underground joke to an international, mainstream joke. I guess seeing trends come and go, that taught us that strong songwriting is really the only thing that has longevity, no matter what genre.

What are some things you want listeners to know about SaviorSkin?
Somnus: SaviorSkin’s music is not a positive experience. This is definitely the aural equivalent of “half – empty”. It comes from a really dark place and is meant to give you a feeling of dread and anxiety. If you’re looking to be entertained by a virtuoso in clown makeup, look elsewhere, you wont find that here. This here is an exhibit of a man’s war with his own head, an exercise in primal therapy. You won’t hear any blast beats or any trendy “core” breakdowns. We tend to avoid most extreme metal cliches.

What was the writing and recording process like  for this track?
Somnus:  The riffs and melodies are simple and meant to be that way, very doom-influenced, but that’s not all. There’s old death metal, vintage industrial, and some ’80s goth thrown in. We spend more time arranging and working in vocal patterns. We’re not a jam band at all where we come up with songs in the rehearsal room.

I do most of the arranging, sequencing and recording on my computer; I show the rest of the guys the near complete songs and let them write their own parts. When that’s tight enough, everyone lays down their own tracks. Then I send the files to Dennis Israel (Amon Amarth, Misery Index, 3 Inches of Blood, etc.) to mix it, and we send files back and forth ’til we’re all less miserable.

What are some of the lyrical themes you focus on?
Somnus:  Mostly about the ties between religious abuse and mental illness—that vicious cycle of which causes which. The indoctrination that forces us to turn the other cheek and ignore what is considered ‘unnatural’ by civilized beings. It seems that how ‘good’ or ‘evil’ a person is depends on how mentally ill or broken they are.

What are the plans for the band after this? Any tour or other
recording plans in the works?
Somnus:  I have personally mapped out the concepts for the next five albums, so we’re gonna keep the schedule of an album every year. I’m booking as many shows as we go, but yeah, a proper U.S. and European tour is in the works.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Somnus: Thank you for your interest in SaviorSkin. Support HPGD.


Addison is reviews and online news editor for New Noise. She specializes in metal, queer issues, and dog cuddles.

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