Deanna Belos and her act, Sincere Engineer, are releasing a new album, Bless My Psyche on September 10, via Hopeless Records. The album was recorded last summer during the pandemic, with producer Matt Jordan. 

Matt Jordan worked with Belos on Sincere Engineer’s debut album and came back to shape the latest. During the writing and recording process, Belos would bring Jordan acoustic demos, including melodies and song structures. Jordan then helped finalize the arrangements. The band then followed, “adding their own ideas and talent” to each song. 

With little time as a working artist trying to make it from one day to another, Belos has been writing Bless My Psyche since 2017.  

My headspace during the time of writing most of these songs was honestly kind of foggy,” Belos says. “The record explores a lot of exhaustion and being overworked, but at the same time, feeling drawn and bored with it all.”  

These opposing and oppressive feelings are familiar to anyone with brainwaves, making Bless My Psyche a mirror to reflect all our own personal vulnerabilities, shortcomings, and wants. An immediate standout on the album is the track “Recluse in the Making.”  

“[It] is probably my favorite song on the record,” Belos says. “It is probably the softest, darkest, and most personal song I’ve written thus far.”  

Sincere Engineer are stoked to be performing live again. When asked, Belos was hard pressed to pick just a few of the venues she missed over the last year, but is looking forward to getting back to the homey punk scene in her hometown of Chicago, at The Metro, Beat Kitchen, and Subterranean. “Trust Me” has some challenging vocals that Belos is diligently practicing to prepare for the upcoming wave of shows. 

Bless My Psyche is a more dynamic album than Sincere Engineer’s freshman release, Rhombithian. “Hurricane of Misery,” is a perfect example. It’s stop/go structure and vocal mixes are full of horny honesty and sweet anxiety. Belos’ vocals are emo, gritty, and melodic, over cool bass lines and pop-punk chord structures. The song is literally “dying to tell you” to dance out those competing and complex feelings.

Due to the pandemic, the band had to record separately and were never able to fully celebrate once recording wrapped. Sincere Engineer will be having their album release party in Chicago, at The Cobra Lounge during Riot Fest. Everyone should turn up to rage, whirl, and sing along with to salute the major accomplishment that is Bless My Psyche. See you there. 

Watch the video for “Coming In Last” here:

For more from Sincere Engineer, check out their official website.

Photo courtesy of Sincere Engineer and Hovland.


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