Persevere is the new release from post-hardcore act Sink The Ship. With grueling breakdowns being interwoven with soaring melodies, the entire release is full of memorable moments sure to either wake people up or sedate them with the beautiful refrains. Opening the record is dissonant chords and furious screams on “Second Chances.” The song gives insight into the band’s ability to change their sonic approach at the flip of a switch, from the hook digging into the chorus or the crushing verses.

And this songwriting duality is evident everywhere, really shining with the “Put Up Or Shut Up.” A softer opening with a more hopeful melody echoing behind the guitars quickly becomes one of the more frenetic heavier sections of the record. The band also has a exquisite taste when it comes to creating their lighter and more singable sections, enlisting guest spots from Levi Benton and Bert Poncet to have the middle of the record really stand out. All in all, Persevere is a winding release with a gratifying section for everyone. Need to feel the adrenaline rush of a cataclysmic breakdown? Check. Need to sing along to the entirety of “Trust Your Gut”? Well do it.

Vocalist Colton Ulery sat down with New Noise to discuss writing their newest banger Persevere, as well as dive into working on music videos and their favorite tune! Check the record below and read the interview!

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Congrats on the release, what are the feelings in your camp right now?

All around I think it’s just mass amounts of anticipation. So far the first 3 singles have gone over well, but we’re really anxious to see how people receive the rest of the album. We’re excited no matter what, because this is our first full length album. We did a couple of EPs before this so it’s fulfilling to finally be able to put out a whole piece.

When creating songs, is there a conscious decision to decide which part is sung and which is screamed and how does that conversation come about?

Definitely. I just try to match the vocal writing with the music. If it’s melodic I’ll sing. If it’s aggressive or heavy sounding i scream. We swap parts out a lot to get the best fit during the writing process.

How was working with Levi Benton for “Everything” and Bert Poncet for “Domestic Dispute” ?

Those dudes rule. Levi is an absolute champion of a human being and Bert is so musically inclined, it’s crazy. They both brought such heavy hitting elements to the songs they featured on. I don’t think the picks for features could have been any more fitting on this album.

What went into shooting the music video for “Everything” ?

That was a fun one for sure. There was a lot of undertone lighting going on that you really have to look for during the band performance. It’s such a subtle subconscious addition to the entire feel of the video. As much as that video has going on, it was one of the faster ones to shoot.

Where do the awesome breakdowns that litter this release come from? How are they written or expanded upon?

Those come from Brandon. He writes most of the guitar work for band. His breakdowns are nasty as fuck. It’s a lot of trial and error until we get it right, but in the end we always end up loving the final product. Breakdowns are life!

“Out of Here” is my favorite track, mind going into that one?

For sure. “Out of Here” is your average “i hate where I live” track. Trying to ascend from the local scene into something more is one of the toughest things for a band. Especially when your music scene is…”controlled”, we’ll say. STS has never fit in with the flow of things in Cleveland. We’ve always done our own thing. Built our own fan base. I even got into promoting so we could just sort of keep ourselves separated and do our own thing. “Out of Here” definitely reflects my feelings on getting out of Cleveland and “making it”.

Tough question, but what is your favorite song or moment on the release?

“Nail Biter” is my favorite song on the album. I’ve been waiting like a kid on Christmas to share this song with everybody. It’s the most personal I’ve gotten with my lyrics and I love playing it live. It’s like I get to get all of my problems off my chest when we play that song.



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