Like many bands, 2020 was shaping up to be a big year for The Last Gang. They had seen audiences since debuting 2018’s Keep Them Counting continuing to grow; they had almost completely booked a new tour—one of their largest yet—and had plans to finally record their sophomore effort for Fat Wreck Chords. And then the world shut down. 

“It was extremely difficult to have the rug pulled out from under us, mainly because we had most of our 2020 tours booked, and we wanted to get this album recorded as well. This, we thought, was going to be our year,” says bassist Sean Viele. “In the end, we salvaged what we could and made the best of what was out of our control.” 

The result is Noise Noise Noise, a brilliant, 10-song, ska-soaked, pop-adjacent punk album that draws in influence from The Clash and Rancid, while chiseling the band’s own name onto the statues of their influences.  

“Personally, I had just quit drinking in January,” Viele says. “So, I used the time to get myself back in good mental and physical health, which I’d neglected for many years up until that point. I started riding my bike and working out, as well as hiking.”  

By late July of 2020, the band finally arrived at Maple Sound Studios, both excited to get these songs on wax and uncertain of when it would eventually be released. They worked with their label boss Fat Mike, as well as Cameron Webb and Yotam Ben Horin of Useless ID. 

“Mike’s head works a million miles a minute,” says vocalist and guitarist Brenna Red. “I could see the wheels spinning so fast as he adapted and evolved the songs we wrote. I made sure I had a recorder on constantly, so I didn’t forget any bits. Plus, all these chords I’ve never used before in songwriting he was throwing at me. At some point, I was like, ‘Whoa whoa whoa, slow down; I’ll have to cheat on those and have Ken do the hard stuff!’” 

With the album out now, the band are set to finally get back on the road. They’ve already had a number shows since being vaccinated, and Viele admits to not being that worried about getting back to the crowds … at first. 

“I wasn’t back in June,” he says. “We’re all vaccinated, and at the time, things seemed like they were getting back to normal, and I felt a good deal of protection from the vaccine. Now, with the Delta variant spreading, I think we’re all a little more cautious. The shows have been great, though. There is a lot of energy from the crowds, and people seem happy to be back out and going to shows.”  

The band are off the road in October, then embarking on a November tour of the States with Teenage Bottlerocket and working on some other tour dates for 2022. They have also booked a European tour in the summer of 2022. 

“We wanna continue to grow as a band and as humans in this ever-changing world,” Red says. “It’s a scary place. The idea of bringing positivity into so much uncertainty, to bring joy into people’s lives, if even for just a 45-minute set, is true beauty. It’s what drives us to pile into a van and drive thousands of miles to share these songs.” 

Watch the video for “Noise Noise Noise” here:

For more from The Last Gang, find them on their official website.

Photo courtesy of The Last Gang and Alan Snodgrass


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