Some bands inspire us to never give up hope. After the February 2021 release of their fiery LP Tomorrow Will Come on Striped Records, Tuscany punks New Real Disaster were in a predicament that a lot of bands have found themselves in: COVID-19 prevented any real touring.

True to form, the band have continued to push forward toward their dreams, working toward a better tomorrow. Not yet indoctrinated into their cult of catchy, aggressive punk? Catch New Real Disaster on a livestream for Punk Rock Raduno’s “Second Worst Raduno Ever” slated for July 2021. Until then, here’s an update from the band.

What is the music scene like in Tuscany right now?
In Tuscany we have many good bands and most of these bands are good friends. We try to support our scene; we go to concerts, and we can’t wait to do it again, especially for all the places that are having terrible moments due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to recommend some Tuscan bands: Biffers, Chromosomes, 7Years, One Night Stand, Sinners Squad and Seed’N’feed!

How are bands adjusting to this new, COVID-19 landscape? What challenges have you faced?
It was very difficult for us because we live in different cities, so the only way to see each other was thanks to technology, a lot of video calls and such. We try to keep a high level of attention with some acoustic music and some interviews with instagram and twitch. Our biggest fortune was working on the new album because we kept our heads out of this madness for a while.

Tell us about the new album, Tomorrow Will Come. What were the inspirations and how did it come together musically?
“Tomorrow will Come,” our new album, was born in full pandemic, as we said before. The fuse was lit by Andrea Manges and StripedMusicCom, when he showed interest in releasing our music. Time to rearrange the ideas and we threw ourselves headlong into the production by recording between Rome and Lucca last summer.

We take inspiration from everything that surrounds us, our experiences whether positive or negative are described in this album, musically we are used to being in the rehearsal room and throwing down ideas trying to combine our various musical influences.

We premiered the lyric video for the single “Tomorrow Will Come.” Give me a breakdown as to how it was written and what it’s all about.
“Tomorrow Will Come” is not just a cry of hope for a better future after this pandemic but a mantra for every moment of life. In the past, we have not lived simple moments both personally and as a band, but we have managed to overcome them, also thanks to our friendship and a lesson that we have received was just that, there is always the sun after a storm.

Tell us about whatever you’re working on now. Any new music? Hopes and dreams for the rest of 2021 or 2022?
Our first thought is to go back to playing live in order to promote the new album, as soon as it is possible to find ourselves in the rehearsal room. Surely among the various set lists for the concerts, we will find a way to throw down new songs and new ideas. In the short term, we are working on a new video clip, and we are starting to book shows for the next months. Our dream is to be able to play as much as possible, possibly doing a good tour in Europe, and who knows, maybe even across the ocean.

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