VIAL recently came out with a new album, LOUDMOUTH, on July 30, via Get Better Records. The record was produced by Slow Pup’s Henry Stoehr. 

The band consists of vocalist and keytarist Taylor Kraemer (she/they), guitarist and vocalist KT Branscom (they/them), bassist and yeller Kate Kanfield (they/them), and drummer and vocalist Katie Fischer (she/them).   

The young band met in after-school music programs in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Still needing a drummer at the time, the band found the final piece of the puzzle, Fischer, on Tinder. The four-piece are now using punk for pure and righteous intentions of not just saying fuck you to the omnipresent and proverbial “man,” but to also scream “I’m here to stay! Make room or don’t. I’m taking my space. 

VIAL is the new generation of riot grrrl. They are taking the movement to the next level, “with [their] modern interpretations of the riot grrrl movement, including the newer ‘riot ghoul’ term, that centers marginalized voices and focus[es] more on non-white and non-cis folks than the original movement.” 

LOUDMOUTH had been in the works since 2019. While writing it, VIAL were listening to a lot of Dazey and the Scouts, The OBGMs, and Mannequin Pussy to inspire their sound. The record is funny, fragrant, and pissed. Dizzy and naked lyrics cannonball over convulsing guitar licks and slides. Other songs are scrumptiously tender, in line with poppy, cool, and colorful melodies.  

VIAL are not only punk. VIAL are femme punk. Instead of being dismissed as “the girl band,” VIAL are owning the label “femme” in order to set an example of how they will be successful and their music long-lasting in a male-dominated scene.  

When asked about the distinction and the role of the modifier, Branscom states: “As much as I would like to be considered just a punk band, we do carry a certain responsibility being femmes in the scene, and so I’m fine being in the femme punk category. We get treated like we’re less because we’re feminine and we want to prove to the people that treat us like that that they’re wrong for doing that.”  

The tongue-in-cheek lyrics of “Planet Drool” sum up LOUDMOUTH perfectly: “Please won’t you help me carry my amp? / It’s too heavy for my lady hands / What do all these little knobs mean / I’m too stupid for the music scene” 

VIAL are ready to be back playing live, ripping, and will be seeing you in a mosh pit soon. 

Watch the video for “Roadkill” here:

For more from VIAL, find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp.

Photo courtesy of VIAL and Awa Mally.


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