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Dannythestreet is a tight bunch of guys out Miami who play a tight, shiny brand of DIY indie rock and emo. They’ve just released a split and it’s a doozy! A deadly four-way of death with Guitar Fight From Fooly Cooly, Arcadia Grey, and Oolong released on tasty looking split vinyl by Open Door Records.

Dannythestreet is a pretty new band so we took the occasion of their new release to catch up with them and find out what they’re all about. Answering out questions were Jordan, Miguel, and Adam. Yeats obtained. Below is the transcript of our conversation, conducted via email, and reproduced with minor edits for the sake of clarity.

How did this split come together? 
Adam: The original release for this split was supposed to be for a now-defunct label, one each of us 4 bands were represented by at the time. When the label was collapsing, behind the scenes I just kind of made sure we all stayed in contact and could put it out one way or another, and eventually after Guitar Fight’s debut LP been put out by Open Door Records we had some space to work something out and are super glad it’s available now and that everyone’s digging it. 

What is your favorite song on the split (not your own)? 
Miguel: “Sea Salt Ice Cream” by Guitar Fight. That descending riff fucking rocks, it almost has a Tera Melos vibe.

Adam: “Guts” by Oolong. There’s like, a weird thing where I like “Dippin Daniel” more out of their contribution, but if I have to pick something off the split as a whole I feel a lot better with answering “Guts.” It’s just really sing-along-able.

Jordan: “Dippin Daniel” by Oolong, just sounds like high school, the outro really blew my mind. 

Are your contributions to the split original, and if not, where else have they appeared? 
Adam: These songs we wrote are originals, the first being written specifically for the split, and the second half being an old b-side that’s been reworked to the song on the record. 

What happened to the emo revival from the early ’10s, and do you think emo is due for another comeback? 
Miguel: I just honestly don’t think emo ever really dies, it just goes through phases. Xerox effect type deal, as bands keep trying to emulate the bands that they like it just becomes the same thing degrading over time until it feels like something entirely [derivative] and then back around. 

Adam: I have to agree with Miguel to an extent, I feel like it’s become a mold that a lot of bands today aren’t trying to break rather than just trying to fill. I personally think it was like 2014 or so when bands started using emo as the blanket term for what was basically apathetic pop-punk, and I think emo today is that same music but with a lot of “twinkle” riffs placed to remind you that it’s fruit from the same tree, and while there will literally always be a crowd for that, it seems that the charm of the revival era is something that isn’t likely to return even if the music does come around to sounding the same cause it’ll be easy to dismiss as nothing new, but there will always be kids coming out, cause even though the music has changed in the past 10 years (We were all 14-17, so we’ve been in this whole thing for a long ass time) the kids will always stay the same.

Jordan: I don’t know, I listen to black metal. [Editor’s note: 👍(≖‿‿≖👍)]

Which of the wrestlers on the cover do you feel best embodies your music? 
Adam: all the wrestlers are representative of each of us 4 bands, we’re the Godzilla head, and we all believe that kaiju cinema is definitely dannythestreet-core. Just explosive nonsense far too often overlooked but the Real Ones definitely know.

Jordan: I really want a cape.

What are some of your favorite basements to play in?
[Disclosure: dannythestreet is from Miami, FL and has never played in a basement because that does not exist in our town, state, or regional corner of the country. Instead we will answer about favorite places we’ve played in general.]

Miguel: Definitely the time we opened for a bigger band from Philly that came through to Miami. The show was at a secret venue, unmarked, just up a flight of stairs and on the roof of a tire shop right in the middle of Little Havana.

Adam: I’m gonna have to say same, the lineup was unbelievably stacked and the amount of people at that gig literally made me nervous that the place would cave in.

Jordan: Yeah, that shit rocked. I was so nervous and sweaty and singing out of key, but there was hella homies there. I think I was driving on the wrong side of the road before the gig and almost got got, but it’s fine.

Have there been any splits or comps you regret appearing on? 
Adam: this is our first split, and actually our 3rd release after our demo and debut LP, but we have so much fun always when collaborating with other artists and friends, we will definitely be on some more in the future.

Jordan: I know I wouldn’t regret a split with PENs+, hit us up homies.

What have you been reading this year? 
Jordan: I re-read Bone by Jeff Smith this year, been on those Spider-Man comics and some intro books into magic.

Adam: Scrubs minds in Mortal Kombat 11.

Miguel: The Open Veins of Latin America by Eduardo Galeano.

Broadly, what is your take on anime dubs? 
Miguel: Subs over dubs any day. If you love dubs you’re a fucking monster.

Adam: There’s a select handful of dubs that I can take, but there’s also a handful of dubs that I’ll pick any day over sub, I’m looking directly at you DBZ and YYH

Jordan: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is the only good dub.

What are your Thanksgiving Plans? 
Adam: not working in a fucking retail store this year I’ll tell you what

Miguel: work at Whole Foods and get paid double time baby

Jordan: Gonna make a grilled cheese and hopefully watch some Godzilla.


You can check out Dannythestreet’s quarter of the new split via Bandcamp below:

Stream the entire Fatal 4 Way below:

Follow Dannythestreet on Twitter here.

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