Book Spotlight: Crisix’ ‘Speed Metal Kitchen of Doom’

Years of thrash greats, from the original godfathers to throwback kings like Municipal Waste, have taught us one thing: pizza and metal go together like blast beats and heavy riffs, like high-top sneakers and a good pair of jeans. Spanish thrash legends Crisix appreciate that connection, so much so that they released a cookbook detailing pizza and other metal-ready recipes.  

“When we came up with the idea for The Pizza EP, we were very inspired because our guitarist was a pizza delivery guy when the band started,” bassist and food enthusiast Pla Vineseiro says. “He was always telling stories to us, so we kind of made a song out of it, then that evolved to a little movie with video clips. We talk food a lot on the road, and we always look forward to going to different countries and trying different types of food. So, it just made sense for us to put out something about food, how we eat on the road, and what we like to cook.”  

In addition to the EP, cookbook, and associated videos, the band have also released an old-school video game in which you can live their pizza delivery fantasy. And to complete the circle, they’ve even released some of their own pizzas, available only in Spain, as well as their own line of hot sauces. Throughout all of this content creation, the goal was simple: to spread the joy of metal and food to their fans.  

“One of my favorite recipes comes from my grandma’s recipe repertoire, and we all contributed ideas and recipes to the book,” Vineseiro says. “We have a song called ‘Rise and Rest,’ and it got turned into a recipe for rice. We also shared things we’ve tried from all over, because here in Europe, there are so many different cultures. Maybe you play in France for a couple of days, and then tomorrow, you’ll be in Austria or Germany, and the food changes completely. It’s such a colorful universe of food that I think people will find amazing.”  

Look for the cookbook, hot sauce, game, and everything else from the Crisix universe, including more music coming soon. And if you’re lucky enough to live in Spain, look for a new deep-dish pizza from the band. As Vineseiro explains, “Most people here don’t know about the deep-dish style.”  

The pizza gospel needs to keep spreading.  

For more on Speed Metal Kitchen of Doom and to buy, click here.

Photo courtesy of Crisix and Victor Gomez

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